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handy men outside van
handy men outside van

D&G HandyVan goes electric to benefit local community

D&G HandyVan has been awarded £30,000 by Crossdykes Community Benefit Fund to contribute towards the purchase of a hybrid van to allow staff to travel to, and carry out repairs and improvements in the houses of vulnerable residents.

D&G HandyVan is a registered charity (SCIO) established in 2013. It works to support vulnerable people living in Dumfries and Galloway, who are older, disabled or have social or financial problems. The support provided by the charity allows people to remain in their own homes for as long as possible, and to be safe, independent and physically active.

Staff, also known as "fitters" visit clients' houses to carry out small repairs, adaptations and maintenance tasks such as supplying key safes (chargeable), grab rails, interlinked heat, and smoke alarms (chargeable), door chains, fixing leaking taps, and tacking down carpets. 

Demand for its services has recently increased and so D&G HandyVan has employed a third part-time fitter, who had been using their own vehicle for work. The grant funding from the Crossdykes Community Benefit Fund means that the charity has been able to purchase a new hybrid electric van which will be used by the third fitter mainly for the benefit of those clients resident in the fund area.

“We were delighted to receive this funding from Crossdykes Community Benefit Fund and Foundation Scotland which allowed us to purchase this electric van for the benefit of the people in the Crossdykes Community Benefit area.” –  D&G HandyVan (SCIO)

The vehicle has been consistently used since it was purchased and D&G HandyVan has received many positive comments about the fact that the charity has 'gone green'. The van has become a great asset to the organisation, enabling it to continue in its valuable work, benefitting those who are vulnerable within the local community. 

“We are very pleased with our electric van and feel we are doing our bit for the climate.” – D&G HandyVan (SCIO)