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An Suidhe Wind Farm Community Fund

Grant size Up to £9,000
Argyll and Bute
Key dates  
Application deadline: 01/04/24
Decision date: 13/05/24
Application deadline: 07/10/24
Decision date: 18/11/24
Application deadline: 31/03/25
Decision date: 12/05/25
Application deadline: 06/10/25
Decision date: 17/11/25

About this fund

An Suidhe Wind Farm Community Fund supports community projects benefitting those living in the areas covered by the Community Councils of: Glenorchy and Innishail (Eredine only); Inveraray; Furnace, and by Dalavich Improvement Group. 

The fund is provided by RWE Renewables and Green Gecco, the owners of An Suidhe Wind Farm near Loch Awe.

The fund opened in 2011. An annual amount of £28,500, rising in line with inflation, will be paid into the fund for the operating life of the wind farm. In 2023, the annual contribution to the Fund was £46,693.

Purpose of this fund

The fund will provide grants to support charitable activities that:

  • Enhance the quality of life for local residents
  • Contribute to vibrant, healthy, successful, and sustainable communities
  • Promote community spirit and encourage community activity.

Grant requests to support a wide range of costs and activities will be considered, such as equipment costs, running costs for local groups, staff or sessional worker costs, consultations, and maintenance or refurbishment of community facilities.

Who can apply?

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in any of the four communities can apply.  Your group/organisation must meet our standard eligibility criteria. It does not need to be registered charity to apply.

Applications from groups/organisations located out with the fund area will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must demonstrate clear benefit for residents within the fund area.

What can’t be funded?

Information on what the fund cannot support is provided here

How are decisions made?

A Community Panel, made up of people who live, work or volunteer in the four communities, makes recommendations on grant awards from the Fund. The Panel also advise on funding strategy and help to promote the Fund locally.

The Panel has up to eight members. One representative is appointed by Dalavich Improvement Group and each of the community councils for Furnace, Glenorchy & Innishail, and Inveraray. One member of the wider community from each of the four areas may also be appointed. 

Each member of the wider community serves a minimum of one and a maximum of three years, with members retiring on a phased basis to ensure knowledge and expertise are retained. Opportunities to become a Panel member are openly advertised when these arise, both locally and on this website, and are selected through a fair and transparent process. Previous Panel members may stand again. 

Current Panel members

Carol ThomasCatriona O’Keeffe (Glenorchy & Innishail Community Council)Martin Wilson (Furnace Community Council)Jacqui McDonald / Linda Divers (Community Council)
Chrissie Sugden (Dalavich Improvement Group) Alan Kettle-White

Sarah Nixon

Julie Hendry


Minutes of the latest Panel meetings are available on request from the Community Funds Coordinator. Contact details can be found below. More information on the award making process is available here.

Frequently asked questions

  • How many grants can I apply for?

    Eligible groups may apply for more than one grant per year from this Fund.

  • Can I apply for/receive a grant before the Panel is due to meet?

    In exceptional circumstances the Panel may meet to consider applications before the scheduled award making meeting in November. If you require a funding decision before the end of November, please contact the Fund Manager (details below).

  • Can I apply for more than the normal maximum grant amount?

    Applications for more than £9,000 will be considered where exceptional need and impact can be demonstrated. This might be, for example, an application towards the refurbishment of a community facility that is used by a wide range of groups or towards a project that provides lasting benefit to disadvantaged people and/or to residents of more than one community. Those wishing to apply for more than £9,000 are advised to contact the Fund Adviser (details below) to discuss their application before submitting. 

  • What if my project needs less than the minimum grant amount?

    The Fund provides for a micro-grant scheme that offers grants of up to £300 to individuals or groups for charitable activities that will benefit any of the four communities.  The scheme is operated by each of the three community councils and Dalavich Improvement Group, please contact them for more information and to apply for a micro-grant (see ‘Useful Links’ below).

How to apply

You can apply to this fund online here. Completed applications and supporting documents must be received by the application deadline. If you would like to review the questions you will be asked to answer before starting the form, you can see them here.  If you have any problems accessing the form, please email or call 0131 524 0324 and we can help.

Contact information

For application process and technical enquiries

Central Systems Support

For criteria and fund priority enquiries

Debbie Herron Community Funds Adviser

Featured case studies

More An Suidhe Wind Farm Community Fund case studies

Read a further selection of case studies detailing some of the projects and activities that have received funding from An Suidhe Wind Farm Community Fund and related outcomes. This includes the successful introduction of a micro-grants scheme in Dalavich which has supported several initiatives including kids clubs, art clubs and church Christmas lunches:

"The small grants are an amazing resource for individuals and small local groups and have helped several within Dalavich to keep going. Thank you for helping a small village thrive and grow" 

View case studies
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