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Common exclusions

At Foundation Scotland, we manage hundreds of different funds every year, from local community funds to national emergency programmes.

Although our funds are diverse, we do have some standard exclusions that apply to all. Please familiarise yourself with these guidelines in addition to any unique exclusions listed on individual fund pages. 

We cannot fund the following:

  • Non constituted groups.
  • Applications from individuals. However, individuals may be able to apply for funding under any micro-grant scheme associated with a fund, or under some education and training funds.
  • General fundraising appeals or activities. 
  • Trips abroad (unless otherwise stated on the fund page). 
  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before we’ve decided on an application, i.e. retrospective funding. 
  • The repayment of loans or payment of debts.
  • The advancement of religion or politics, including requests to support religious or political groups' core activities. However, religious groups may apply for funding for non-religious activity that will benefit the wider community beyond their own specific congregation and is open to all on a non-denominational basis. For example, a church may apply for funding to upgrade a church hall that is regularly used by other community groups.
  • Payments towards areas understood to be the exclusive responsibility of statutory authorities. However, we can provide grants to Parent Teacher Associations/Parent Councils if they are appropriately constituted and occasionally to schools where the activity being delivered is additional to the core curriculum/statutory activity.
  • Activities that are likely to bring the fund, Foundation Scotland or the donor into disrepute. For example, we can’t fund groups or organisations using hate speech or inciting violence, or those linked to such groups or organisations.
  • Activities that conflict with the interests of the funder. For example, where a renewable energy company provides funding, we can’t fund any projects or organisations that are anti-windfarm or anti-renewable energy as such activities are likely to be contrary to the interests of the funder or its subsidiaries.
  • For place-based funds, we can’t support projects which don't benefit the people who live within the defined fund area. Projects that benefit people in the fund area plus others outside that area can be supported on a proportionate basis. Applicants to these funds don’t need to be based in the fund area.
  • For themed/cause-related funds we can’t support projects which don’t relate to the priorities stated for the fund. 
  • Costs directly related to the sale of alcohol, including but not limited to the refurbishment of a bar area.

If you have any questions regarding these criteria please send the team an email at