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Setting up a grant programme

When setting up a grants programme you can select specific geographic areas and key themes, such as young people and education or reducing isolation in the elderly, and our expert staff will source charities and community organisations matching your interests. In addition, we can undertake research on particular causes and advise on current service providers in any area in Scotland.

We offer transparent, robust and objective grant making services.

  • Directing funds – To charities that you have an interest in or a special relationship with.Option
  • Promoting availability – To find new and suitable projects for your Trust to support.
  • Handling enquiries – We handle enquiries on your behalf, to ensure they meet your criteria and follow application procedures.
  • Receiving and assessing applications – Our services include collation of all applications, initial eligibility check and then a full assessment. This is based on criteria agreed with you, such as: strength of need for the project, breadth of impact, financial health and track record.
  • Recommendations – You can choose to see all of the assessment reports, or instead see a short-list matching your charitable objectives. If you want to leave the decision making to us that’s fine too and our Board of Trustees can do this for you. 
  • Informing applicants – After deciding on the projects you would like to support, the Foundation will inform all applicants of the outcome. We can provide supportive feedback to unsuccessful applicants and direct them on to alternative funding options. 
  • Reporting back to trustees – We will keep you informed via an annual report, an interim six-monthly report or at a frequency of your choice. 
  • We work with existing charitable trusts in two ways:
  • Trustees can make an annual award to the Foundation, which would be ring-fenced and distributed in accordance with agreed criteria within a twelve-month period.
  • Trustees can make a gift of capital to the Foundation, which is held in a ring-fenced endowed fund, earning interest. The capital and interest can either be spent over a number of years (an expendable endowment) or it can be held in perpetuity, where only the annual interest is used (a permanent endowment).

For more information read our leaflet or contact our Philanthropy Development Team on 0131 524 0300 or email

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