Blackford Fund News

 The fund is a valuable resource for the village of Blackford, supporting  a range of activities.  Below are some exampes of how small grants really do make a difference.

Blackford is Brighter was able to extend the stone wall feature in the scree garden with a matching wall to finish the back boundary of the garden. The grantpartly funded the project cost of £2,300, with the balance coming from the group's reserves. The group used the same craftsman who built the first stage of the boundary wall. The group
has reported that the extension has enhanced the scree garden and the appearance of the village for
residents and visitors. Without the grant, the extension would not have been possible. A second grant assisted the group with the annual summer planting for what was the 17th year of planting, an activity that has grown over the years with new features being added and new containers purchased.The plantings add colour and enhance the village, with the grant enabling the group to buy a wider variety and greater quantity of plants than would otherwise be possible.

Blackford Senior Citizens Lunch Club continues to thrive with support from the Fund - a grant  supported their two annual activities – a trip out to the theatre in November and a Springlunch. Feedback on both events has been very positive. The club provides local seniors with social interaction and entertainment; many have lost partners or havehealth issues, and they appreciate having events organised for them.

For more information on how the fund is supporting the village, read the fund reports.

Fund Report 2017 - 2018

Fund Report Jan 16 - March 17

Fund Report 2013 - 2015



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