Blackridge Fund News

What difference is the Fund making to the village?

Here are a few examples of how the money is making a difference….

Blackridge Body Building Club

The grant of £1000 helped refloor the gym and replace the carpet, with the remainder coming from membership fees, voluntary labour, and the West Lothian Courier Wish Fund. The grant went towards the purchase of timber joists, facings and the marine plywood flooring. Current  and future members will all benefit from the improved facilities.

Blackridge Primary School Parent Council

The grant of £4000 partly funded the purchase and fitting out of a storage container for the primary school grounds. Donations of equipment were also received from local businesses and the group also contributed from its own funds. In order to source the container, the group spoke to SIBCAS and visited their premises in order to view several different types and size of container. A site visit and dry run was arranged to ensure the container could be delivered and sited safely. Once the container was sited, the group liaised with the head teacher and arranged to purchase the resources required to fit out the container, including shelves, baskets and boxes to store loose play materials and some matting for the floor. These were installed by a parent council volunteer. The group purchased some play materials and received others in donations. The school's 200 hundred children benefit. The new loose play area gives the children a different, more natural environment to play in with materials they did not previously have access to, which has encouraged them to think more creatively, work as a team and get more satisfaction and enjoyment from their time outside.

Beechbrae Scotland Ltd received £1000 to install drainage and level the area at the entrance of Beechbrae Orchard from Heights Road. The orchard and wider woodland are now much more accessible, enabling many more people and groups to visit the orchard and participate in biodiversity/conservation projects and volunteer opportunities, including wheelchair access. Beechbrae also received a grant to purchase a hot composter which has been sited at the school to support the children’s learning.

Time Out Art Class is a wellbeing class to support those who have experienced bereavement, stroke, trauma, or loneliness. The Class received £850 to upgrade and purchase equipment including easels and painting materials. Paintings were then donated to several hospitals, care homes and surgeries in the area by way of thanking the institutions for their care. The donations were gratefully received and the students gained the chance to share their talents and have their work recognised, which encourages others to join the class.

The Blackridge Thistle Flute Band also benefited from grants totalling £2000 to help them replace side drums and flutes.

Groups like Blackridge, Westrigg, West Craigs OAP Association and the Blackridge SWRI have benefitted from a few grants to help them run various educational and social trips and outings. These trips are often sometimes one of the few occasions that their members have a guaranteed social outing in the year so it’s hugely appreciated.

A few grants have helped to improve the established clubs for children and young people in the village. Steps Dance School Parents Committee received a grant of £1000 to help with their opportunity to participate in the UDO  European Street Dance Championships in Germany in 2015. The grant made the trip more affordable for participants and in some cases made the trip possible. The competition was a memorable experience for all who took part, although no medals were won the group gained valuable competition experience.  The current Blackridge under 12 team within the Armadale Community Football Club also had a grant of £2210 towards training equipment and kit means the team can continue playing together and benefiting from the facilities and opportunities of the neighbouring Armadale club.



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