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Old Luce Latest News

Old Luce Research Report, Public Meeting and launch of new Development Trust

Over 2015 and 2016, Old Luce Community Council, with support from the Fund Panel, a CARES grant and Foundation Scotland, has been researching and consulting the Old Luce community on its needs. The research report, aimed at informing next steps, is available for download here and print copies are also available from Old Luce Community Council.

The four key areas identified as priorities by the residents of Old Luce parish are:

  • Connecting People

  • Enhancing our natural environment

  • Improving our built environment

  • Jobs & Volunteering

Next steps have been the formation of an Old Luce Community Development Trust, which will oversee the implementation of these priorities.

A community meeting to launch the Trust was held on Saturday April 23rd in the Glenluce village hall. Everyone withinPublic Meeting the parish was invited to view a presentation outlining the planning to date, and the priorities identified. All in attendance were provided the opportunity to become members of the Development Trust. Membership of the Trust is free and open to every adult resident of the parish who expresses a desire to be a member. We hope you will join!

A full copy of the report can be downloaded here

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