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Spirit of Dumbiedykes 

Community Arts Project

The Spirit of Dumbiedykes invited community artists and projects to submit a proposal to deliver a community led arts project in Dumbiedykes. 10 projects applied with five being shortlisted by the Spirit of Dumbiedykes Community Panel. Following the public vote during November and December 2016, Hans K Clausen with 'Highlighter' was selected as the winning project. Hans will be working with Dumbiedykes citizens throughout 2017 to deliver the 'Highlighter'.  This will will lead to the creation of a number of new art installations in the area.


Shortlisted projects

The Inside-Out Room – Kate George

My proposal is to design with the community an outside seating area with an inside living room feel, the sky as the roof and planters as the walls. I will hold creative workshops to explore our collective ideas, then the design will be created in concrete by a professional building team. Next we will all decorate the room with masonry paints, stencils and plants to create a beautiful colourful Inside-Out Room for all to share…

Impact Arts
We will explore the rich culture and heritage of the area to create new community led artworks. The final artist briefs will be created through a process of consultations with local people. Previous community art projects have been facilitated by our talented artist pool and created by a wide range artists and makers.

Bi-centennial – Whale Arts
An ambitious project that will explore the past, present, and future of the community.

There will be a series of workshops to gather images, thoughts and stories and engage the community. We will make 12 robust and attractive sculptural waymarkers in the form of the individual letters that make up the word ‘Dumbiedykes’ installed at key locations; a large-scale digital photo-collage created from the images collected and augmented reality overlays accessible from smartphones that will show the past and potential futures of the area.

Local Legends – Here & Now

An outdoor photography exhibition that aims to encourage social connection bringing the local streets and spaces to life. It celebrates the local people that make the DumbieDykes area special and shares stories and photographs through an outdoor exhibition. These exhibition photographs will be produced and installed via a series of facilitated workshops that directly involve the community. Workshops will teach new skills in photography to all that attend.

Highlighter – Hans K Clausen

Will draw on the themes of identity, pride, people and place. This is an ambitious public art installation for Dumbiedykes which would Highlight the nationalities, cultures and stories of those who live there, creating a permanent colourful public art work bringing individual’s stories and collective memories to life.

We will build into the streetscape of DumbieDykes authentic physical ‘souvenirs’, in the form of items of street furniture, lifted from places of significance held dear in the memories of the people who have made their home here.

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