Firm Foundations: A community-led Charter on community benefit funds from onshore commercial wind farms

Endorse the Charter by emailing

This Charter sets out some minimum standards that communities expect from developers, local authorities and other intermediaries who are playing a role in establishing and implementing community benefit funds across Scotland.

It has been developed by a group of committed people from across Scotland who are involved with the design & delivery of community benefit funds affecting their communities. Facilitated by Foundation Scotland, the group has identified some values and practices which they propose become ‘second nature’ to those involved in establishing and implementing the many different types of community benefit funds operating in Scotland.

In the short video below, two panel members share their experiences of using the community-led Charter and say why they believe it can be a valuable tool for all those involved in community benefit funds.


Endorsing the Charter indicates an intention to use it as a reference point and tool for discussion and negotiations on community benefit – as a developer, a community representative, a local authority officer or another stakeholder. After 12 months the working group will seek feedback from signatories on the Charter's use and application. 

The Foundation is involved in distributing more than £1.3M each year in community benefit funds from wind farms across Scotland.

Read the case studies for more information on how the funds have been established and operate

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