Taking Stock

Highlights scale of opportunity from onshore wind farm community benefit funds

Current annual value of £7M could treble by 2017 with a potential value of £50M by 2020

This independent research commissioned by Foundation Scotland looks at the current and future financial value of community benefit funds in Scotland.

The report highlights the scale of opportunity with the current annual figure of £7M likely to treble by 2017. The figures are based on data for operational wind farms along with developments under construction or which have received consent.  Projecting forward to wind farm developments currently in the planning system and those being scoped, this amount could be closer to £50M by 2020.    This compares to other programmes such as the LEADER programme in Scotland which invested approximately £10M annually between 2007 and 2012. It is clear that community benefit funds are becoming a significant resource in some areas.

We hope that a clearer picture of the scale of these funds across Scotland will help drive improvements in the way they are established in order to secure long term sustainable impact.


Download a copy of the report.

Download an Executive Summary of the report.


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