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A Legacy to Foundation Scotland - the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Many people would like to leave money to charity in their will, but often find it hard to choose between the many good causes available.

Leaving a charitable bequest in your will to Foundation Scotland is an effective way to create a tax-efficient, lasting legacy, to provide support to the causes and communities you most care about.

A bequest could add to an existing fund at Foundation Scotland or be used to create a new one based on your wishes. For example, your will may specify you wish the bequest to assist people living in the area where you live, specific local groups or charities, or more generally a cause that’s always been close to your heart. Foundation Scotland will manage the fund and distribute it in accordance with your wishes ensuring that it supports charitable organisations and projects in the most effective way to make a difference. Alternatively, you could leave it to the Foundation’s Trustees to use their discretion in directing the fund to meet the ever changing needs in the community.

By investing your bequest, Foundation Scotland could ensure your legacy makes a difference, not just once, but forever, with new grants made every year from the fund’s income to meet the needs of future generations. Such a gift will become an enduring tribute and lasting memorial to your life, your personal values and your special interests.

Legacy funds have no inheritance tax liability, saving your estate up to 40% in tax. In addition, a lower rate of inheritance tax of 36% applies where a legacy of at least 10% of the estate is left to charity.

Making a will does not have to be expensive or complicated, but you should consult your solicitor or professional advisor for advice.

To learn more about the special help that Foundation Scotland can offer please call our Philanthropy Team on  0131 524 0300 or alternatively download our legacy pledge form.


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