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Changes to Community Benefit Fund Approved

21 August 2013

The Community Council’s for Lairg, Creich, Ardgay & District have agreed to a change in the way community benefit funds from the E.ON Rosehall Community Fund and the SSE Achany Community Fund are disbursed. Previously, the entire funds could be awarded to projects in any of these areas (or a combination). As of today, and on a trial period, both funds will be equally shared between the three areas.

The Councils have agreed to the proposal from the SSE and E.ON Rosehall Community Funds Panel, a group of locally appointed representatives that make recommendations on how both funds are spent, that a notional third of each fund will be distributed equally across the three areas. By agreeing to this approach the Panel hopes to encourage a more equal distribution of the funds.

The change will operate as a pilot over a three year period, to identify the impact this change has on local developmental activity and whether or not it can help bring about greater benefit for each of the three communities.

Decisions on awards will continue to be made through the single joint panel, which is a valuable forum for dialogue and learning across the three communities.

Tom Black, Community Engagement Manager for Foundation Scotland who administer the Rosehall Community Fund on behalf of E.ON said; “This is an important decision for the future running of the community benefit fund, which we hope will result in a greater local appetite for funding, and more equity in the way the monies are distributed. We are pleased to continue to work with all three community councils to ensure the effective disbursement of this important local source of funding.”

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