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children in primary school
children in primary school

Helping primary school pupils

Blackridge Primary School Parent Council is a relatively new group formed to support the school in its work to provide diverse and stimulating educational opportunities for children attending Blackridge Primary School. Between October 2015 and May 2016, the group raised just over £1000 specifically for improving the school's grounds to address the lack of green space and create a more pleasing natural environment with new planters and murals.

As part of the ongoing commitment to improving the school grounds the group purchased a secure container and fitted it out with shelving and storage with a grant of £4,000 from the Blackridge Community Fund. This has meant the resources and equipment can be stored securely and efficiently.

The new storage space has also enabled the group to convert part of the hard, tarmac surface to a loose play grassy area containing tyres, ropes and various other stimulating activities  These quality resources and activities give the children a more natural environment to play in and is encouraging them to think more creatively, work as part of a team and get more satisfaction and enjoyment from their time outside.

There are have several children who exhibit challenging behaviour. Being outdoors engaged in purposeful play extends their imagination and gives them ownership over their own learning which is particularly beneficial to these children 


The Parent Council

The loose play area will be available for the school for many years, the grant has allowed us to purchase a container and resources of considerable quality which gives longevity to the resources. This is a large area that we wish to continue developing in line with best practice. It is hoped that the children who access this are will begin to transfer their skills and enjoyment outside of the school environment where it will have a positive impact on other areas of their lives 


Clare Gregor, Chair of the Blackridge Primary School Parent Council

The improvements to the school ground and value provided from the container are making for a brighter and more nurturing environment which is enhancing the children’s learning beyond the formal school curriculum.