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Exterior photo of Glespin Hall
Exterior photo of Glespin Hall

Reviving Glespin Hall

A determined group of Glespin residents in South Lanarkshire have revamped the vital village hall, fuelled by grant funding from the Ventient Galawhistle Wind Farm Community Fund.

Glespin Hall had been neglected over a number of years, and as a result, became poorly used.  People in the village, located in South Lanarkshire, recognised the importance of having a community venue and set about reversing this trend.  The hall is independently owned and managed by Glespin Community Group SCIO (GCG).  

In July 2017, the group successfully secured an Awards for All grant (lottery funds) to help establish a refreshed board of trustees and start work to refurbish the hall, including rewiring and installing LED lighting.  This was followed by an application to the Ventient Galawhistle Wind Farm Community Fund for decorating and furnishing the hall.  Continuing the programme of work to improve the hall and encourage greater community use of the facility, GCG applied for a second award from the fund in 2019. This was for £20,000 to contribute to the cost of refurbishing the toilets.  Reports from the community confirm that this has made a remarkable difference to the hall and made it more inviting for potential users and private functions.  

In 2020, a grant of £15,500 was awarded for broadening the use of the facilities and, ultimately, income for the community.  The work included improvements to the kitchen, new tables and chairs, a PA system for functions, and external planters.  Before the lockdowns, approximately 300 individuals used the hall every year, many regularly attending exercise, dance, and yoga classes.  GCG held a range of entertainment and music evenings as well as seasonal community events
As a result of the initial works, GCG had reported an increase in external bookings.  Unfortunately, it was then hit by the closure of public facilities as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore the impact of the most recent improvements has yet to be seen.  The group has used the availability of the Galawhistle Wind Farm Community Fund to advance its mission to retain and improve this valuable community facility; it will support village life for many years to come.