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Ventient Energy Galawhistle Wind Farm Community Fund

Grant size Up to £20,000
South Lanarkshire
Key dates  
Application deadline: 25/02/21
Application deadline: 25/08/21

About this fund

Ventient Energy Galawhistle Wind Farm Community Fund can support community projects benefiting residents of the Douglas and Coalburn Community Council areas. This charitable fund is provided by Ventient Energy Limited the owner and operator of the Galawhistle Wind Farm in South Lanarkshire. 

The Fund opened in 2017.  An annual amount of £120,000, rising with inflation, will be paid into the Fund each year for the operating life of the wind farm, which is expected to be 25 years.  

Grant size: £500 - £20,000, see below for exceptions. 

Purpose of this fund

The Fund will support positive change by investing in a wide range of inspirational, community-led activity that is strategic, positive and creative and helps deliver a legacy of lasting impact. It will do this by making grants to support the costs of relevant projects, services and facilities.

Applications are expected to address one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Help people into work
  • Improve local transport
  • Improve quality of life, health and well-being
  • Build capacity for local groups and individuals
  • Building sustainable community assets, including capital assets (like land and buildings), community enterprises, local exchange systems, people’s skills and abilities, culture and the local environment.

Additional criteria

Grants over £20,000 will be considered in exceptional circumstances and if they provide genuine wider community benefit. Multi-year grants may be paid for projects lasting up to three years. If you wish to apply for more than £20,000 please contact the Fund Coordinator (see below) to discuss your proposed project before completing the application.

Applicants are also encouraged to consider the following when preparing applications:

  • Matched funding:  Grants can cover 100% of project costs but applicants are encouraged to seek other sources of funding for part of the cost.  In particular, larger applications will, ideally, demonstrate that a percentage of the total project cost will be sourced from the group’s own fundraising efforts or other grants.
  • Financial sustainability:  For longer term projects, the ability to demonstrate financial sustainability beyond the life of the grant – without a reliance on continuous grant funding – is favoured.
  • Local procurement:  Local suppliers are favoured for the provision of goods and services.  The term ‘local’ will vary depending on the nature and availability of the goods or service in question.  It could refer to the Douglas, Coalburn and Glespin areas, South Lanarkshire or west central Scotland as appropriate. 
  • Capacity building:  Applicants are encouraged to consider how the project will provide opportunities to build the skills and knowledge of group members or other local people.  This may be a key aim of the project or an indirect benefit arising from the project.  
  • Partnership working:  Applicants are encouraged to consider collaboration with other appropriate organisations on the delivery of their project.

Who can apply?

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in Douglas, Glespin, Coalburn and surrounding areas can apply.  You don’t need to be registered charity to apply but your organisation must meet our standard eligibility criteria.

Groups delivering projects or activities located outwith Coalburn, Douglas or Glespin may apply as long as the project or activity for which they are seeking funding will bring some benefit to residents of those areas. Applicants will need to state what proportion of the overall beneficiaries live in those areas. 

What can’t be funded?

Information on what the Fund cannot support is provided here.

How are decisions made?

A Community Panel of people aged 16 or over who live, work or volunteer in the area makes decisions on grants awarded. The Galawhistle Community Fund Panel also advises on Fund strategy. It has up to ten members; five from Douglas and Glespin and five from the Coalburn Community Council area, comprising:

  • One community council representative appointed by each of the Community Councils.  
  • Up to four ‘wider community’ representatives selected through an open and transparent process from each of the community council areas.  

Panel members are expected to serve for two to four years.  If you would like to find out more about joining the panel, please contact the Fund Coordinator.  

Minutes of latest Panel meetings are available on request from the Community Funds Coordinator. Contact details can be found below.

More information on the award making process is available here.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I apply for a small grant, under £500?

    Yes, smaller grants are available under microgrant schemes operated by both Douglas Community Council and Coalburn Community Council.

    This can provide grants for charitable activities to groups and individuals. For further details please contact: 

    Douglas Community Council or email 

How to apply

Complete the online application form.  Completed applications and supporting documents must be received by the application deadline.

If you have any problems accessing the form, please email or call 0131 524 0324 and we can help.

Contact information

Contact name

Catherine Francis, Community Funds Coordinator

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