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Burnhead Moss

EDF Renewables Burnhead Moss Community Fund is a charitable fund that benefits people living in the community council areas of Avonbridge & Standburn and Limerigg & Slamannan in Falkirk and also people living in Blackridge, West Lothian.

Community benefit funds linked to commercial wind farms are often determined by community council boundaries so although Limerigg & Slamannan does not have a functioning community council the boundaries of the community council area nevertheless define the area of funding.

The fund provides £130,000 annually and rise in line with inflation. Each community council area will also have its own local community fund that in the first year amounts to £34,666 per area. In the future, local Panels will be established for Avonbridge & Standburn and Limerigg & Slamannan to advise on funding decisions. Blackridge already has an established Panel because of other funds they already receive.

The fund also has a separate Education & Training Fund which has £26,000 available (equivalent to 20% of the overall fund). This fund supports a range of education, training or re-training opportunities for local people.

For further information about the Fund please read the Fund leaflet

Making A Difference

This money represents a significant amount of charitable income for the local area for at least the next 20 years. It is important to give everyone time to contribute their ideas about what kind of community people want in the future and how this money might help achieve that.  Some community discussions will be arranged in the coming months to shape plans for how money could be distributed over these first few years.

The Limerigg Conversation is now underway. While that community discussion take place an interim award scheme provides an opportunity for groups providing activities or services that benefit the Limerigg & Slamannan area to apply for small grants of £150 - £3000.

A similar scheme will open shortly for Avonbridge & Standburn.

Community groups and organisations working to benefit Blackridge can already apply to the Blackridge Community Fund.



All three funds operate on a rolling basis with no set deadlines.

How to Apply

An interim award scheme supports community activity in the Limerigg & Slamannan area.

The Blackridge Fund supports community activity in Blackridge.

An interim award scheme supports community activity in the Avonbridge & Standburn area.

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