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The Mossmorran Wind Farm Ltd Community Fund is a charitable fund to support community groups that benefit residents living in the Community Council areas of Cowdenbeath, Crossgates & Mossgreen and Hill of Beath. The Fund is provided bythe company which owns and operates the Mossmorran wind farm. 

An annual amount will be paid into the Fund for the operating lifetime of the wind farm. This amount will start at £14,000 in 2016 and rise in line with inflation each year. The Fund will be available as long as the wind farm is operating. 


The Fund will provide grants to community groups to support charitable activities that

  • Enhance quality of life for local residents;

  • Contribute to vibrant, healthy, successful and sustainable communities;

  • Promote community spirit and encourage community activity.

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in Cowdenbeath, Crossgates & Mossgreen or Hill of Beath  can apply for a grant. The group must have a constitution (governing document or set of rules) and be set up on a not-for-profit basis but doesn’t need to be a registered charity to apply. 

Making A Difference




The fund is currently closed


Latest Grants

46th Fife Scout Group

  • To replace the tyres on the Scout Group's minibus and carry out a full service.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000

Crossgates Community Woodland

  • To contribute to the cost of upgrading local paths.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000

Crossgates Green Fingers Club

  • To purchase plants, compost and fertilizer to enhance the local floral displays.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000

Crossgates and Mossgreen Community Council

  • To hire Christmas lights to decorate the village over the festive period.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000

The Clearing

  • To contribute to the cost of setting up small groups for local people with various needs and interests.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000

Crossgates Toddlers

  • To purchase high chairs, arts and crafts materials, and a new wendy house.
  •  Amount awarded: £250

Beath and Cowdenbeath North Church

  • To fund transportation for older people and those who find themselves isolated and lonely to attend a weekly drop in cafe run by church volunteers.
  •  Amount awarded: £728

Crossgates Gala Committee

  • To contribute to the cost of the 2019 Gala.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000

Cowdenbeath Community Council

  • To create a sculpture trail in one of Cowdenbeath's green public spaces.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000

Hill of Beath Parent Council

  • To purchase iPads, books and sporting equipment.
  •  Amount awarded: £930

Hill of Beath Community Council

  • To purchase and install a public access defibrillator and heated housing box at a prominent site in Hill of Beath.
  •  Amount awarded: £1,000
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