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This charitable fund is provided by Arevon Energy, which manages Whiteside Hill Wind Farm, and administered by Foundation Scotland working with the Upper Nithsdale Community Trust. The Fund supports community projects benefitting residents of Kirkconnel & Kelloholm and the Royal Burgh of Sanquhar and District, geographically defined by community council boundaries.

The annual index linked fund is a minimum of £135,000 per year, starting in 2018.


Awards can support a wide range of costs and activities, including charitable, educational, community, environmental, renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable development and general community amenity schemes or projects.

Making A Difference

Within the Upper Nithsdale area, the following have been identified as key priorities:

  • Services and projects which deliver activities that bring economic benefits to Upper Nithsdale for example events, local festivals, arts and galas, employability activities, social enterprises, tourism related projects.

  • Services and projects which deliver activities that demonstrate community benefits and build community capacity in Upper Nithsdale for example community managed services, community run facilities, community safety activities, civic pride and environmental projects, projects that identify community need.

  • Services and projects which demonstrate early intervention and address the needs of disadvantaged groups in Upper Nithsdale for example young people are more actively involved in decision making, our ageing population is active and engaged to influencing services in their own community, projects that promote fairness and respect across communities.

Making A Difference

In addition, the Fund will prioritise support for applications which meet the following additional criteria:

  • Evidence that the project/activity enhances or is additional to normal service provision

  • Can demonstrate community consultation

  • Can clearly evidence within the application that they are actively working in partnership with other organisations


Awards cannot support the following types of activity:

  • The advancement of religion or party politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups)

  • Activities understood to be the primary responsibility of statutory authorities 

  • Projects benefiting primarily residents outwith the Area of Benefit (determined by the Community Council boundaries)

  • Activities contrary to the interests of the Arevon, the Upper Nithsdale Community Trust, Foundation Scotland, or likely to bring any of them into disrepute.

  • Anti-renewable energy or anti-windfarm activities

  • Retrospective funding (i.e. paying for costs incurred before a decision on an application to the fund for support can be made). 

  • The repayment of loans or payment of debts.

  • Individuals and groups that are not constituted

  • Groups without a representative membership structure i.e. groups that unduly restrict their membership and/or where the committee or board is not elected by, or otherwise accountable to, a wider group of people.

  • Projects already considered in this financial year. 

  • Applications for fireworks or include Chinese lanterns and/or helium balloons. 

  • Applications for the sole benefit of any private asset where there is no wider community benefit. 

  • Applications which include costs for depreciation. 

  • Prizes or sponsorship money. 

  • Applications requesting funding to support activity/projects which as a result will raise funds to donate to others.



The next application deadlines are:

Application Deadline 

For a decision in:

31 October 2019

January 2020

30 April 2020

July 2020

How to Apply

Please ensure you read the Fund Criteria before downloading an application form.

We welcome pre-application enquiries. For more information about the fund, contact Foundation Scotland on 01557 814927 or email office@foundationscotland.org.uk


Latest Grants

Sanquhar Golf Club

  • To purchase a new replacement All Terrain Vehicle to assist with maintenance of the course.
  • Amount awarded: £10,000.00

Kirkconnel Scout Group

  • To repair and refurbish the Scout Hall
  • Amount awarded: £14,758.00

Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Children's Gala

  • To contribute to the general running costs of the Childrens Gala in 2019.
  • Amount awarded: £3,000.00

Action for Children

  • To contribute to staff and running costs for the community swap shop in Sanquhar for one year.
  • Amount awarded: £5,811.00

Kirkconnel Parish Heritage Society

  • To contribute to the costs of a replacement 17-seater minibus to serve the residents and community organisations of Kirkconnel & Kelloholm.
  • Amount awarded: £28,000.00

Upper Nithsdale Arts and Crafts Community Initiative (UNACCI)

  • To contribute to salary costs for the centre manager and two part-time administrators.
  • Amount awarded: £22,900.00

Crawick Multiverse Trust Ltd

  • To contribute to the costs of constructing a new visitor centre.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000.00

Kirkconnel and Kelloholm Development Trust

  • To employ a Grounds Maintenance Worker for the open space areas in the community.
  • Amount awarded: £5,500.00

Friends of Clark's Little Ark

  • To contribute to running costs including feed for animals and utility bills.
  • Amount awarded: £2,000.00

Sanquhar Bowling Club

  • To contribute to the costs of replacing the equipment storage shed and related water and electricity installation.
  • Amount awarded: £10,000.00

Sanquhar Primary School Parent Teacher Association

  • To purchase outdoor play equipment for Sanquhar Nursery.
  • Amount awarded: £500.00

Nith Valley United 2006

  • To purchase 18 football strips for the under 13s team.
  • Amount awarded: £770.00

Sanquhar and District Silver Band

  • To paint the tin roof the interior of the toilet facilities of the band hall.
  • Amount awarded: £750.00
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