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Encouraging positive mental health at Denend Primary School 

A grant of £1,000 has been awarded to Denend Primary Parent Council in the latest round of awards made by the Ventient Energy Westfield Wind Farm Community Fund (Cardenden).

It will be used to purchase a license for the Treehouse online learning platform aimed at improving mental health and wellbeing amongst primary school children. The modules can be accessed from any device at school or at home, are easy to follow, are child and adult friendly and chunk sized.  

The Parent Council was aware of the negative impact the withdrawal from normal school activities was having on the school community and wanted to take positive action to support and enhance positive mental health amongst pupils, staff and parents. The  Treehouse package will provide a resource for use by all that encourages positive mental health in an enchanting and accessible way that will have particular appeal in the current climate.  

Dale Mathieson from Denend Primary Parent Council explained:  

"Denend Primary Parent Council are delighted to have received this award from the Cardenden Westfield Wind Farm Community Fund. Over the past 18 months staff have reported a decline in mental health and wellbeing amongst pupils at the school as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. This was noticeable last August and during Lockdown 2 and following return to school in February this year. There have been more referrals to partner and health agencies to support pupil's mental wellbeing this year than previous years. Families have contacted the school and Educational Psychology parent support line for advice on how to support children's mental health." 

Mental wellbeing is seen as a key factor in future learning and achievement outcomes amongst pupils at the school. In fact it is one of the school values at Denend - Learning, Wellbeing and Relationships. The Treehouse platform can be accessed by pupils of all ages, staff and families and we believe it will be a fantastic resource to help overcome the difficulties we have been facing throughout the lockdowns and reunite the school community again making it stronger and more resilient. 

To find out more about this fund, or to make an application visit the Ventient Energy Westfield Wind Farm Community Fund (Cardenden) fund page.