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someone using a calculator and making notes
someone using a calculator and making notes

Event: Why do running costs matter?

  • Date published: 03/06/22

In the second of our Hot Topics for Decision Makers series, we turn to the sometimes thorny issue of running costs.

As a fund decision-maker, have you ever grappled with a grant for 'core' costs, such as administration and utility bill overheads? Or have you been asked to support salary costs and worried about creating dependence on the fund? Has your fund supported a contribution to costs which gave the group freedom to decide how to allocate their budget? How confident were you in making that decision?

This Hot Topic session is for anyone who makes decisions on behalf of a fund. In this 90 minute online session, hosted by Suzy Mercer, a Community Funds Manager at Foundation Scotland, we aim to explore the important role of funding salaries and other running costs in supporting local priorities and sustaining vital activities. It's also an excellent opportunity to meet other Panel and Board members from across Scotland and share your experiences.

We will:

  • Talk about core costs, running costs, 'full cost recovery' and what these terms mean
  • Explore the role of this type of cost in supporting organisations in the context of a local fund
  • Talk through some of the concerns/issues frequently raised by decision-makers
  • Look at some case studies and the impact of funding

If you have ever felt uncertainty about supporting this type of cost -  or are just not keen - then do come along so we can have a bit of an informed debate and share learning. Going forward, this will enable us to collectively take the best approach to making recommendations (Foundation Scotland) and decisions (you), creating the best outcomes for your community.