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Bairdwatson Charitable Trust

Grant size Up to £20,000
All of Scotland
Key dates  
Application Deadline: Monday 19th February 2024, at midnight
Decisions will be communicated: By end of May 2024

About this fund

The Bairdwatson Charitable Trust provides grants in Scotland for work relating to training for employment, employment support and vocational skills.  John Neil Bairdwatson was, until his death, the managing director of Caldervale Engineering Services, based in Airdrie, a business which had been established by his late father and which Mr Bairdwatson had been involved with most of his adult life. He had many long serving employees and he wished to protect their employment in the event of his death.

From this initial motive, and Mr Bairdwatson’s long standing commitment to manufacturing employment, he developed the idea of establishing a Charitable Trust, to which he would leave his shares in the business and which would place particular emphasis on encouraging education and employment. Unfortunately, Mr Bairdwatson died before the Trust could be established, but his widow established the Trust after his death. The first grants were made in 2011 and in 2023 the management of the Trust was transferred to Foundation Scotland.

Purpose of this fund

The aim of the fund it to support organisations providing services relating to training for employment, employment support and vocational skills. It is particularly interested in employment and skills training for young people who are unemployed and in re-training, and support for unemployed people to get them back into work. 

Additional criteria

Groups can apply for funding for a maximum period of 12 months. The maximum grant available is £20,000.  Please note this is a large grant programme and if you require funding for £5,000 or below please refer to other funds available on our website which will be more proportionate to your request.

This fund is only open to organisations with an annual income up to £2,500,000 in the most recent financial year.

This current funding round has around £65,000 in total for grant distribution.

Who can apply?

All applicants must meet Foundation Scotland's Common eligibility criteria, please check this list before starting your application. 

What can’t be funded?

Please read through What we can't fund page, these exclusions apply to all Foundation Scotland funds.

In addition, please note the income cap of £2,500,000 in the most recent financial year.  Accounts showing an income higher than this will automatically be rejected.

How are decisions made?

Funding is allocated based on decisions by the Bairdwatson Trustees with support from Foundation Scotland.

For more details on our assessment processes please visit How funding decisions are made.

Contact information

For application process and technical enquiries

Central Systems Support

Contact name

Linda Phillips