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Stroupster Wind Farm Education and Training Fund (Dunnet & Canisbay)

Grant size Up to £1,500
Key dates  
Application deadlines: Applications are accepted at any time, award decisions are made monthly.

About this fund

This fund provides bursaries to residents of the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council area of Caithness to help them access training and education opportunities that better equip them with the range of skills needed to enter or retain employment in key sectors of the local economy.

The fund is provided from Stroupster Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.

Purpose of this fund

The purpose of Stroupster Wind Farm Education and Training Fund (Dunnet & Canisbay) is to improve opportunities and livelihoods of people living in Dunnet & Canisbay.

Awards are made to those seeking to undertake training or education in key sectors relevant to the Dunnet & Canisbay area, as follows:

  • Health and Social Care
  • Teaching and Education
  • Food and Drink
  • Tourism and Customer Services
  • Culture, Heritage and the Natural Environment
  • Communications and Information Technology
  • Renewables, Energy and Climate Change
  • Engineering, Science, Maths and Technology
  • Construction and the Trades
  • Sea based industries

Courses leading to formal or recognised qualifications will be favoured, however other courses will also be considered where the applicant can demonstrate how the skills and knowledge gained will realistically support them in securing or retaining work. 

Courses supported can be on a full time or part time basis and may be: * Apprenticeships * Modern Apprenticeships * Foundation Apprenticeships * SVQs * NCs * HNCs * HNDs * undergraduate degrees * post-graduate qualifications (though not PhDs) * short vocational courses * other courses that meet the fund purpose. 

Grant Size: 

The maximum award is:

  • First time applicants: up to £1,500
  • Second time applicants: up to £1,000
  • Any further applications: up to £750.

Similarly, if your course runs over several years, any award will be capped at:

  • First year of study: up to £1,500 
  • Second year of study: up to £1,000 
  • Any further year of study: up to £750 per year.

Additional criteria

Eligible costs:

Awards are made for costs that are directly related to attending your course or apprenticeship, including:

  • Course fees, where these costs cannot be waived or funded through any other means
  • Study aids and equipment, where these are not supplied by the course provider
  • Tools for your trade, where these are not supplied by the course provider
  • Travel and subsistence costs (Please note anybody aged under 22 is eligible for free bus travel through the Young Scot initiative, this should be used in the first instance and other transport costs will only be considered if your course cannot be accessed by bus.)
  • Accommodation costs 
  • Childcare costs to allow you to study
  • Driving lessons and test (Please remember to tell us why you need financial support for this. You are eligible for up to £500 towards this, and it will not affect your position to apply for subsequent funding for other studies.)

You must provide information on the full costs that you need to meet in relation to the course. For example, if you are a first-time applicant taking a week-long course that costs £400, you will only be able to apply for £400 plus related travel & subsistence. And if you receive funding from elsewhere, for example, £100 towards the course fees, you will only be able to apply for £300.

Study location:

We recognise that there are limited further education opportunities within the Dunnet & Canisbay area, therefore you can apply for the costs involved in studying anywhere in Scotland. However, an application for the costs of attending a course offered in Caithness or even Highland will be looked upon more favourably than one that requires you to leave the area. 

If you are applying for costs linked with an Apprenticeship arrangement you must be employed within the fund area. 

Who can apply?

The fund is open to individuals aged 16 or over and living in the Dunnet & Canisbay Community Council area. 

Your application must be for the purpose of increasing your employment potential. 

Apprentices can apply for costs that cannot be claimed back from their employer or another source.

What can’t be funded?

You cannot apply for funding for any costs incurred before a decision can be made on your application (retrospective funding).

We will not fund training or equipment that your employer should be providing for you or that is necessary for you to carry out your current job.

Apprentices cannot apply for any cost that can be claimed back from their employer or another source. 

How are decisions made?

Award decisions are made by Foundation Scotland.  Once you have submitted your application, we may phone you to have a short discussion about your course, your circumstances, and the costs you need help with.  We aim to notify you of the decision within four to six weeks of receiving your application.

How to apply

Apply using the link below.  If you have any problems accessing the form, please email

If you would like to review the questions you will be asked to answer before starting the form, you can see them here

Your application cannot be fully processed until supporting documents have been received.   

Contact information

For application process and technical enquiries

Central Systems Support

For criteria and fund priority enquiries

Eilidh Coll, Community Funds Adviser 

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