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Volant Charitable Trust Large Grants Programme

Grant size Up to £45,000
All of Scotland
Key dates  
Stage 1 Enquiry Form Deadline: Friday 12th April 2024 at midnight.
Stage 1 Enquiry Form decisions by: You will find out early May if your request has progressed to Stage 2. Please do not contact us during this time for an update to allow us to review all the requests. We will inform everyone by email in due course.
Stage 2 - Full application decisions by: early October 2024

About this fund

In response to the current cost of living crisis, the Volant Charitable Trust is for the foreseeable future prioritising the focus of its awards on charities and organisations who are particularly addressing poverty and deprivation, helping to support vulnerable groups who are most affected, with an emphasis on women, children and young people.

Further information on the Trust is available on their website.

Purpose of this fund

Your project must meet at least one of the specific themes below and ensure you read the corresponding list after each theme as this explains what will be considered for support.

 Project areas of interest, in order of priority, include: 

1. Poverty and deprivation (with an emphasis on women, children and young people): 
•    Support for vulnerable families facing extreme poverty 
•    Food provision and promotion of healthy eating in areas of extreme deprivation 
•    Mental health projects for vulnerable groups living in poverty. 

2. Women: 
•    Support for isolated and lone mothers 
•    Community integration support for black and minority ethnic women and children and asylum seekers 
•    Support services for women prisoners and their families 
•    Support for victims of sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, and those working in the sex industry 
•    Provision of antenatal and postnatal care for young mothers or those affected by postnatal depression. 

3. Children and Young people: 
•    Counselling for vulnerable children 
•    Support services and outreach projects for those who are disadvantaged or deemed to be ‘at risk’ through neglect, emotional and physical abuse, alcohol, or drug misuse. 

Additional criteria

You can apply for up to £15,000 per year, for a maximum of 3 years (maximum total grant, therefore, is £45,000).  

Please note this is a large, multi year, grants programme which is a 2 stage process and therefore not appropriate for small grant requests of £5,000 or less.  If your organisation/project meets the Volant criteria and you wish to apply for £5,000 or less then please visit the Volant Charitable Trust Small Grants Programme here which opens in March for decisions in October also.

You can apply for core costs.

There is an income cap of £1 million as reflected in your most recent annual accounts. (this an update to the criteria as of October 2023)

If you have been previously rejected there is no time limit to re-apply provided your feedback does not prevent you due to being ineligible.

Who can apply?

All applicants must fit Foundation Scotland's funding criteria. Before progressing with your application please visit our Common eligibility criteria

What can’t be funded?

Requests for capital projects (i.e. building/ground works, renovations/refurbs).

Organisations with an annual income in the most recent annual accounts exceeding £1 million (this an update to the criteria as of October 2023)

At Foundation Scotland we have some standard exclusions that apply to all funds. Before progressing with your application please visit What can't be funded.

How are decisions made?

Volant Charitable Trust Trustees make the final decisions on applications presented to them twice a year in April and October.  For more information on our decision making processes, please visit how funding decisions are made.

How to apply

Stage One:

Please complete an online enquiry form on the fund page to provide a brief outline of your proposed project and grant request. We will then review the enquiry forms to consider the projects fit with the programme priorities before inviting groups to complete the full grant application form. Please follow the link below to submit an enquiry form (Stage One)

Stage Two

  • If you're invited to complete the full grant application form, you'll be sent an application form link and have 4 weeks to submit the completed online application form and supply all the required supporting documentation.

If you would like to review the questions you will be asked to answer before starting the form, you can see them here.

Contact information

For application process and technical enquiries

Central Systems Support

For criteria and fund priority enquiries

Conor Cross, Philanthropy Manager

Fund news