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Women's Fund for Scotland

Grant size Up to £5,000
All of Scotland
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About this fund

The Women’s Fund for Scotland (WFS) makes grants to projects across Scotland that support women’s development, self-sufficiency and social and economic equality. Established in 2002, the Fund has distributed almost £2m in grants to over 500 community groups and local charities run by or for women.

The Women’s Fund for Scotland has secured funds to run a COVID Emergency Response Fund (CERF). 

Purpose of this fund

WFS aims to promote systemic change in Scotland to empower women and to help overcome the multiple disadvantages and discriminatory practices that females experience throughout their lives. Their vision is of a Scotland in which women participate equally at all levels of society, free from any barriers to full and equal engagement in political, institutional, economic, and cultural life, including freedom from the fear of sex-based violence.

The Women’s Fund for Scotland makes grants across five key themes:

  • Building skills and confidence
  • Improving health and well-being
  • Growing social connections
  • Moving on from abuse
  • Developing leadership and innovation

Additional criteria

All applications will be considered according to WFS funding priorities. Applications which most clearly fit one or more of these will be prioritised. They are:

  • To ensure so far as possible Scotland-wide distribution of funds
  • Helping disadvantaged women and girls
  • Empowering women and making a tangible difference to their lives
  • Supporting women to escape and recover from domestic, sexual, and sex-based violence
  • Using our limited resources for maximum long-term impact
  • To support the Scottish Government’s wider strategic objectives

Who can apply?

All applicants must fit Foundation Scotland's funding criteria. Before progressing your application please visit our Common eligibility criteria

In addition, for the Women's Fund for Scotland applications will be prioritised for women’s organisations, especially those run by and for women and community-based organisations running projects with women and girls.

What can’t be funded?

At Foundation Scotland we have some standard exclusions that apply to all funds. Before progressing with your application please visit What can't be funded.

In addition, for the Women's Fund for Scotland we cannot process applications for:
•    Organisations with an annual income of more than £1,000,000. Priority is given to those with an income of less than £500,000.
•    Projects primarily targeted at girls under the age of 12
•    Projects for mixed groups (i.e. males and females)
•    Grant requests for less than 25% (one quarter) of the total project cost
•    Work in schools, during school/lesson hours
•    Projects which are currently in receipt of a WFS award. You will need to wait for eight months from the date your grant was approved prior to re-applying.

How are decisions made?

Funding is allocated based on decisions by the Trustees of the Women’s Fund with support from Foundation Scotland.

For more information on how we assess and allocate funding please visit How funding decisions are made

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