Operating a Community Fund

Foundation Scotland has considerable experience of distributing funding to community groups around the country. Foundation Scotland distributes £1.3M p.a. and administers 24 wind farms across Scotland, working with over 60 communities.

 We can help ensure effective distribution of funding to local organisations by:

Establishing and supporting local Panels to decide on awards and oversee the Fund:

  • Ensuring there is current information available about the area and about local aspirations for what the Fund may achieve.
  • Working with local representatives to  develop a Fund Framework or strategy that outlines in broad terms how the Fund will operate.
  • Setting deadlines with the Panel and promoting the availability of funding through local media.
  • Handling enquiries from prospective applicants.
  • Signposting potential applicants to other sources of funding where appropriate.
  • Receiving, vetting and assessing applications.
  • Providing  summary reports on applications for decision making to Panel members.
  • Notifying all applicants of decision on their application.
  • Releasing payments from the Community Fund/Trust.
  • Undertaking all the associated administrative duties involved in running the Fund and managing the grant making process.
  • Handling any associate press/PR relating to grant awards.
  • Monitoring the progress and impact of funded projects and gathering feedback for the Panel and wider community.
  • Conducting periodic reviews  to ensure processes are fit for purpose and adjusted to changing local or regional circumstance.

In addition, Foundation Scotland can support your community in the development of new initiatives and services in your area, particularly where there is no obvious local organisation to take ideas forward. These may relate to local needs or opportunities identified in the Community Profile. Our approach supports and empowers local people to develop their own ideas, providing professional assistance and guidance as and when required, for example in commissioning or tendering for specific services or working with Fund applicants to help shape their project. Where appropriate, we work with existing local groups and other support providers to facilitate this.

For further information on Foundation Scotland’s work in this area, contact our Community Engagement Team on 0131 5240300.


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