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Community funds can be a fantastic resource for community and economic development. Foundation Scotland provides a range of services to communities, developers and local authorities that are focused on achieving impact with community funds. Our approach puts communities at the centre, because we know their commitment and ownership is critical to ensuring the fund provides maximum impact and is managed in a way that is accountable to local people. Communities are best placed to know what the local priorities are and what will work best in terms of their own development.

Foundation Scotland’s expertise can be sought at different stages of establishing community funds. Some developers or communities will seek our guidance and advice at an early stage when considering the level and scope of benefit. At other times, Foundation Scotland may get involved when communities have been identified and the development has recieved planning consent. Sometimes the request for our involvement comes directly from communities, sometimes from the developer.

Our Communities Team can provide a range of services to commercial developers or directly to communities, from short consultancy assignments to a full suite of fund development and administration support.

Find out more about  Services for Developers,  Communities and Grantees.


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