Community Profiling and Fund Frameworks

Working with community representatives and local organisations Foundation Scotland will produce a community profile presenting key socio-economic information relevant to the area. The research will consist of desktop research, utilising exiting surveys, profiles and community plans. This is then enriched by material gathered through consulting with different stakeholders. The consultation process also provides an opportunity for people to put forward views and ideas about their aspirations for their community and where and how the fund can make a difference. At times the research and/or consultation phases may be commissioned to a locally based organisation.

Our research can also identify other funding sources, which could be leveraged from the community fund or as an alternative allowing the community fund to focus on key strategic priorities.

The research and profiling process has value at any point in the development of a potential community fund. In instances where the process is undertaken before a development has planning consent, the profile can still provide the community with a useful reference document for future planning.

Community profile example - E.ON Camster

Where planning consent has been granted or the development is already under construction, Foundation Scotland can work with representatives drawn from the local community  to develop a Fund Framework Strategy. Informed by the profile, the strategy will lay the foundations for the Fund’s purpose and priorities, eligibility criteria, grant making and investment approach, policy issues and monitoring and evaluation. Part of the initial strategy may also be to undertake further research, planning or consultation.

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