Fund models

Foundation Scotland has developed a number of models for running community benefit funds. Selection of the most appropriate model will be informed by many different factors including how many communities are involved in the fund, their level of interest in working together, the capacity (skills and available volunteers) of the community, each community's experience of managing income, and the role of the developer.


Most likely when….

Single fund

Single community in receipt of a single fund and wanting to operate it via a Community Panel.

Single Joint Fund

Multiple communities within the area of benefit who want to work together via a Community Panel. The fund may be proportioned across communities and run as separate sub-funds or operate as a single pot, enabling funding of larger, more strategic projects and those that operate across the communities invovled.

Single Community FS Trust

Single community in receipt of multiple funds; Community Panel oversees a Community Trust set up with FS, through which separate funds are channelled.

Single annual grant from FS to a representative community organisation to locally administer

Annual payment is likely to be below £10K – can apply in instances when a fund is benefiting single or multiple areas. FS provides more of a support role and also oversight / due diligence.

Independent Trust (for single or multiple community/ies)

Fund is an independent legal entity with own Trustees/Board of Directors. FS is contracted by that Board to provide secretariat / fund management services.




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