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performance of Doricula
performance of Doricula

Dracula returns to Slains Castle

In 2019, Modo, a social circus company based in Peterhead, toured a production of ‘Doricula’ inspired by Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ and the novel’s connections with the local area, particularly Slain’s Castle

The production was in the local Doric dialect. £1,500 was awarded by the NorthConnect Fund, with other support coming from Cashback for Creativity and Aberdeenshire Youth Bank.

Doricula was performed 12 times to a total of 2,000 people. It was performed in locally and in Italy and France. Over 100 young people were involved in developing and performing the show.

Young people who performed in the show increased their knowledge of local culture and assisted in planning of additional activities for other young people. Participants reported feeling a sense of responsibility, leadership, improved communication skills and of being a valued member of their community. The extra activities run alongside the production of the main show, such as arts and crafts, meant the group were able to reach a wider range of young people, many of whom had never been involved in the arts before due to financial or other social barriers. In addition to entertainment for the local community, the performance brought new visitors to Slains Castle and exposure for other local businesses.

The Buchan Observer review noted that “Peterhead is lucky to have a performance of this quality on its doorstep.” Buchan Observer; 9 October 2019; Doricula production is a tour de force