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photo of a man having online tutoring lessons or a meeting
photo of a man having online tutoring lessons or a meeting

Covid response fund supports online education in Perthshire

Perth And Kinross Association Of Voluntary Service (PKAVS) is the largest charity in Perth and Kinross, employing over 80 staff and working together with over 100 volunteers. Thanks to recent funding from Foundation Scotland they've been able to help thousands of residents by providing additional educational and mental support where it's needed the most.

PKAVS noticed that due to additional responsibilities, young carers often have difficulties in school. This often included being late or absent, added to their lack of personal space at home these factors could lead to pupils falling behind with lessons and homework. Therefore, making it difficult for them to achieve good grades and limit career opportunities upon leaving school.

To help them out PKAVS prepared tutoring sessions. At first, these were delivered locally in a traditional “face to face” way, however, tutoring sessions were interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. This forced the organisation to start delivering their services virtually however one of the barriers they encountered was the lack of IT equipment amongst young people.

Much of what PKAVS carers hub delivers to support carers of all ages living in Perth & Kinross is delivered through face to face contact. This could be weekly respite groups, day trips, residential breaks or one to one’s for young and young adult carers to carer support groups, carers cafes and social complementary therapy groups for adult carers 



PKAVS managed to secure £5,000 funding from the Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund (#RRR) which enabled them to secure 120 tutoring hours and to purchase laptops and tablets for young carers (16-24 years old). This relieved some of the financial pressures from the families unable to access digital support and enabled young carers to keep up with course work and smooth the transition to “normality” once the lockdown ended.

The charity was able to identify important and often overlooked group within their local community and provide them with tools and opportunities to succeed in education, thus, enabling them to secure a better future for themselves and their families. Initiatives like this highlight the vital role of grassroots charitable organisations play in helping Scotland’s communities thrive. 

During the lockdown, the students have increased their engagement within the session. When the students were at school often they would be tired and I would have to adjust the session to manage the work so that the student will not become overloaded. As the students are not at school they are almost craving work and to be pushed in sessions. Every one of the students I currently support has been a joy to teach, even in this crazy time they are still focused on their education and require little to no input to engage 


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