EDF Burnfoot Hill, Burnfoot North

and Rhodders Funds


These three charitable Funds are provided by EDF Renewables, the developer of the Burnfoot Hill, Burnfoot North and Rhodders Wind Farms. The funds benefit a number of different communities in Perth & Kinross and Clackmannanshire.

The Burnfoot Hill Fund benefits the Community Council areas of Alva, Dollar and Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton & Devonside in Clackmannanshire and Blackford and the hamlet of Glendevon in Perth and Kinross.. The annual fund started at £30,000 in 2011 and will rise in line with inflation for the operational life time of the wind farm.

With support from Foundation Scotland, the four Clackmannanshire ‘Hillfoots’ communities formed an advisory panel made up of local people from each village that advises on decisions about grant awards. Blackford uses an existing mechanism for the distribution of their portion of the fund and Glendevon’s fund is managed through the Auchterarder & District Community Trust. 

The community fund from Burnfoot North extends to the same communities as Burnfoot Hill. The community fund from the Rhodders wind farm also benefits Braco & Greenloaning and is managed through the Ardoch Development Trust. 

With the commissioning of the adjacent Burnfoot North wind farm in 2014 and Rhodders wind farm in 2015 this annual payment has now increased to a minimum of £60,000 per annum for the next 20+ years.

The minimum level of award you can apply for is £500 and the maximum is £5,000. Grants requests may be multi-year but usually for no more than three years.

If you do have a viable project and good reason to apply for more than £5,000 please contact Foundation Scotland in the first instance. You may then be invited to provide a brief proposal which will be reviewed by the Panel and who may then invite a formal application for a larger amount.

If your grant request is for less than £500 you can apply for a Micro Grant administered by each of the Community Councils for projects in their respective areas. Please contact your local Community Council for further information.

Occasionally the Panel may commission an activity where – informed by consultation with other stakeholders - they consider there is a particular gap, need or opportunity.




The EDF-ER Burnfoot Hill Community Fund provides grants to community organisations providing activities that

  • Enhance quality of life for local residents;

  • Contribute to vibrant, healthy, successful and sustainable communities;

  • Promote community spirit and encourage community activity.

For projects benefiting Menstrie, Tillicoultry and/or Dollar the applicant is expected to demonstrate how their project is contributing to that village’s Community Action Plan.


This table highlights the areas of improvement each community is committed to. For further details please consult each of the action plans using the links below:

Menstrie Alva Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton & Devonside Dollar
 community facilties & activities  local facilities & events  community facilities & activities  local economy
 paths, roads & parking    roads, traffic & transport  access to services
 local economy & sustainability  tourism & the local economy  tourism & local economy  community & recreation
 village environment town environment   town & village environment  housing & sustainability 
access to services     a sustainable community  enviroment & heritage
    recreation & youth  

Menstrie Community Action Plan

Alva Community Action Plan

Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton & Devonside Community Action Plan

Dollar Community Action Plan


Making A Difference

Read how the fund is making a difference:

Menstrie Community Council

Tillicoultry Allotment Association


Awards cannot support the following types of activity:

  • The advancement of religion or party politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups).

  • Activities understood to be the exclusive responsibility of statutory authorities.

  • Projects benefiting primarily residents outwith the Area of Benefit.

  • Activities contrary to the interests of EDF-ER or any companies in its group.

  • Activities likely to bring Foundation Scotland, EDF-ER or any companies in its group into disrepute.

  • Anti-renewable energy or anti-wind farm activities including promoting or sponsoring any objection or representation to the operation of the wind farm, national or local policy in connection with renewable energy or any other renewable energy proposal, and/or

  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before the Panel considers the application.


Application closing dates 2019

Panel decision date 2019

Friday 22nd March 

Early May 

Friday 6th September 

Early November 

How to Apply

Please read the fund factsheet before completing the online application form or downloading the application form and returning.



Latest Grants

Age Concern (Alva)

  • To organise a day trip and lunch for members in August 2019.
  • Amount awarded: £400

Menstrie Community Action Group Ltd

  • To employ a part-time development worker to assist with the transition and operation of the Dumyat Centre.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Menstrie Community Council

  • To continue running the local senior citizens lunch club during 2019-2022.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Wellbeing Scotland

  • To provide workshops and groups for people using Wellbeing Scotland's mild to moderate mental heath services and wellbeing worker service in Clackmannanshire schools.
  • Amount awarded: £1,520

Tillicoultry, Coalsnaughton and Devonside Community Council

  • To fund the installation of a defibrillator in the centre of Coalsnaughton.
  • Amount awarded: £2,000

Alva Community Council

  • To purchase 4 gazebos, 4 benches, 24 hanging baskets and brackets, and compost and bedding plants for existing planters.
  • Amount awarded: £4,602

1st Alva Scout Group

  • To replace and purchase additional camping equipment.
  • Amount awarded: £1,244

Hillfoot Harmony

  • To contribute to the cost of the group's "Sing for All" day on 21 September 2019.
  • Amount awarded: £800

Friends of Alva Academy

  • To contribute to the cost of parent workshops and coaching sessions, including trainers, communication materials, and a volunteer coordinator.
  • Amount awarded: £2,500

Dollar Community Development Trust

  • To engage a consultant to develop further details on high level elements of the Community Action Plan, in order to identify individual projects to deliver and prioritise.
  • Amount awarded: £3,800

All Grants

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