Heriot Community Fund


Heriot Community Fund comprises community benefit monies provided by the operators of two wind farms located near Heriot in the Scottish Borders; Greencoat Wind UK, the owner of Carcant Wind Farm, and SSE, the owner of Toddleburn Wind Farm. The Fund supports community projects that benefit those living in the Heriot Community Council area.

An annual amount totalling £38,200, rising in line with inflation, will be available for community projects benefitting Heriot over the operating life of the two wind farms, which is expected to be 25 years. This comprises £29,000 from Toddleburn Wind Farm (starting in 2010) and £9,200 from Carcant Wind Farm (starting in 2008).

A Community Panel, comprising two people appointed by Heriot Community Council and four other people who live in the Heriot area, decide how grants are awarded from Heriot Community Fund.

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in the Heriot area can to apply to the Fund. Your group must have a constitution (a governing document or set of rules) and be set up on a not-for-profit basis. It does not need to be a registered charity to apply.

Making A Difference

The Fund provides grants to support community-focussed or charitable activities that:

  • Encourage community activity and promote community spirit;

  • Ensure adequate access to services for all community members;

  • Improve local transport infrastructure;

  • Build the local economy;

  • Build community capacity and cohesion between groups; and/or

  • Develop or maintain community assets.

 Grants may support a wide range of costs, for example the costs of equipment, staff or sessional workers, consultations, running costs for local groups, maintenance or refurbishment of community facilities, and so on.


There are two funding rounds in each year. Application deadlines and decision dates in 2019 are:

Application Deadline

Panel Meeting

26th April

12th June

25th October

4th December




How to Apply

Please read the fund factsheet  prior to applying. To apply please download and complete the application form  or you can request an application form by e-mailing communitybenefit@foundationscotland.org.uk or gareth.shields@sse.com

For more information contact our Edinburgh office on 0131 524 0300 or email.


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