Women's Fund for Scotland


The Women’s Fund makes grants to projects across Scotland that support women’s development, self-sufficiency and social and economic equality.

Established in 2002, the Fund has distributed almost £2m in grants to over 700 community groups and local charities run by or for women.


To support projects across Scotland that promote women’s development, self-sufficiency, and social and economic equality. Our vision is of a Scotland that is safe, healthy, prosperous and connected because women and girls have been encouraged and supported to reach their full potential. All members of the community will benefit from the empowerment the Fund brings to women.

Making A Difference

The Women’s Fund for Scotland makes grants across four key themes

  • building skills and confidence

  • improving health and well-being

  • building social networks

  • moving on from violence 



The fund is currently closed.

How to Apply



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