Achlachan Wind Farm Fund


Foundation Scotland has been appointed by the wind farm operator, Whirlwind Renewables, to manage the Achlachan Wind Farm community fund. The Fund will be worth approximately £30,000 annually for the life of the Achlachan Wind Farm, expected to be 25 years.

The Fund supports community activity and development by supporting the charitable activities of constituted, not-for-profit groups working to benefit the community. The Fund is for groups operating in the Halkirk District Community Council area with priority given to projects within a four kilometre radius of the Achlachan Wind Farm.

Foundation Scotland works with a Panel of local residents who decide on grant awards from the Fund. The Panel is made of up to 14 Halkirk residents with local knowledge and interests.

Making A Difference

Outcomes are the changes or differences that come about (for people, organisations and the environment) as a result of funded projects. They can guide applicants and provide focus for the Panel in its decision making and in judging the overall impact achieved by the Fund. The outcomes are designed to be broad, allowing the Fund to support a range of creative solutions to meet the local priorities.

The outcomes are: 
1. Developing services and facilities.
2. Sustaining and creating employment.
3. Increasing skills and knowledge.
4. Preserving and enhancing or giving better access to culture, heritage and the environment.
5. Getting around and getting connected.

Applications must demonstrate how the proposed project will contribute towards one or more of these outcomes, listing the measurable activities/outputs that the group/organisation will deliver in order to achieve the relevant outcome(s). However, applications which do not clearly fit with these outcomes but which can show strong community support and evidence of need may be considered where funds allow.


The Fund operates four funding rounds per year. The deadlines are:

Closing date for applications

Panel decision date

15th March

Mid-End May

15th June

Mid-End Aug

15th September

Mid-End Nov

15th December

Mid-End Feb

How to Apply

Grants are available from £200 to £10,000, however requests for more than £10,000 may be considered on a case–by-case basis where significant benefit can be evidenced and if funds allow.

Please read the fund fact sheet prior to completing the  online application form or download a copy of the application form.

 If you have any questions please contact EIlidh Coll on 07801 530 218 or

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