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What is the Todhill (Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood) Wind Farm Fund?

The Todhill (Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood) Wind Farm Fund benefits those those living in the community council area of Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood within Falkirk. It is provided by the owner of the Todhill wind farm, Falkirk Todhill Wind Limited and is managed by Foundation Scotland.  An annual amount of £24,000, rising in line with inflation, will be paid into the Fund for the operating life of the wind farm.

A Community Panel, made up of people who live, work or volunteer in the parish decide how grants are awarded from the Fund. Groups and organisations working to benefit people in the community council area of Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood can apply to the Fund. Your group must have a constitution (a governing document or set of rules) and be set up on a not-for-profit basis. It does not need to be a registered charity to apply. 


Making A Difference

The overall purpose of the Todhill (Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood) Wind Farm Fund is to preserve and develop the area of Larbert, Stenhousemuir & Torwood as a great, friendly place to live, supporting activity that improves the look and feel of the area, brings people together and enhances the community for future generations. 

The Fund’s priorities are to support charitable activity that:

  • Improves the physical appearance of the community (including the town centre) and makes better use of our public spaces;

  • Develops community services, events and facilities to better meet the diverse needs of local people; 

  • Preserves and enhances the natural environment for the benefit of those who live in the area;

  • Builds the skills, capacity and sustainability of community organisations serving the area.

  • Awards can support a wide range of costs and activities including equipment costs, running costs for local groups, staff or sessional worker costs, consultations, maintenance or refurbishment of community facilities etc.

  • Applicants are also required to consider the following cross-cutting issues in an appropriate and proportionate way relative to their project. They may not all be relevant but where they can be integrated into project planning/ activity it is likely that the application will be considered more favourably by the Panel because the impact of the award will be enhanced.

  • Partnership working: Where feasible, the Panel encourages groups to consider how the project can be delivered in conjunction with other organisations / groups and that may add value to it (financial, capability, or other)? This could involve working with voluntary, private or public sector bodies that operate at local, regional or national level.

  • Building capacity locally: The Panel is keen to support projects that will build the skills and knowledge of group members or other local people connected with the project. This could be formal or informal and through some form of mentoring activity, peer support or buddying scheme and/or any other learning opportunity that could be created through the project.

  • Securing leverage or match funding: The Panel welcomes applications which demonstrate plans to secure match funding for the project (from local fundraising activity or other sources) and/or can evidence that other funding has already been secured.

  • Local procurement: The Panel is committed to maximise the benefit of the Fund to the local community so if projects need to purchase resources, equipment or expertise, the Panel will want to see evidence that the applicant is making an effort look locally and enlist or contract work to local suppliers if it is available and affordable.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint: The Panel wants groups to consider how they will reduce any carbon footprint associated with the project.

  • Timescales: Projects must be completed within a 12 month period. Please note that multi-year grants (grants stretching over a period of years) are currently not available from the Fund. Please ensure that your application is for a project that only commences after decisions on awards are made.

Please also take note of the following:

  • The Fund is keen to support activity that is new or being tried out or a project that extends or develops established activity. Providing grants to support established activity already happening in the community will be at the discretion of the Panel.

  • Applicants must demonstrate that the project or activities comprising the application is consistent with the overall purpose of the Fund and link with at least one of the priorities (see above).

  • Applicants must provide their latest set of accounts signed by an independent third party, or if the group has been operating for less than one year, they should provide a cash-flow projection. 

  • It is expected that most applications will focus on one project. Consideration will be given to more than one project being included in an application although there is never a guarantee that part or all of the grant request will be approved.






How to Apply

Pease read the guidelines prior to completing the online application form or  downloading the application form


Latest Grants

Boys Brigade

  • To contribute to the cost of re-lacquering and lining the floor of the indoor sports hall.
  • Amount awarded: £3,000

Stenhousemuir Cricket Club

  • To purchase and install an electronic scoreboard for the benefit of club members and spectators.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Communities Along the Carron Association

  • To purchase a trishaw which will be used by volunteers to take people who are unable to leave home without assistance out for a cycle ride.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Forth Valley Broadcasting Service (Radio Royal)

  • To upgrade the group's software and hardware, to ensure compatibility with the group's new studio equipment and its future sustainability.
  • Amount awarded: £2,500

Tryst Community Sports Club

  • To contribute to the cost of a UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification for 12 young people, a 1st Aid qualification, multi-sports training delivered by a qualified individual within the field, TCSC branded clothing/workbooks and social media training.
  • Amount awarded: £3,750

Larbert Village Primary School Parent Teachers Association

  • To contribute to the purchase and installation of audiovisual equipment for use in the gym hall.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Dobbie Hall Trust

  • To contribute to the cost of renovating the hall's disabled toilets.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000
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