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Foundation Scotland – We are open

Reassurance on supporting communities, charities and social enterprises following the impact of Coronavirus
Foundation Scotland appreciate that the Coronavirus situation will have a big impact on communities. We know that charities, local organisations and social enterprises will play a critical support role - providing practical and emotional support, helping to mobilise local services, care for those most in need and tackle isolation.
We want to reassure you that we will do what we can to support communities.

We are open as usual – our staff are now are working from home - we are working differently, working digitally. Staff work travel has been suspended so we will hold our meetings online.
All contacts including telephone numbers and email addresses will remain the same. Please just continue to contact our staff through these means. Our IT systems enable us to work from home with no risk to data security and ensure there is limited disruption to services.

Please continue with grant applications – however please scan and email in any supporting documents. Our offices are closed for the time being, and we cannot receive mail – so please do not post any supporting documents. If you don’t have a scanner an option is to download a scanner app onto your smart phone – this uses the camera function to scan the document and convert it into a PDF for e-mail.

We aim to be as helpful as possible over the coming weeks - so our grantees can focus on supporting communities. Alongside continuing to deliver all our community funds and published grant-making programmes, we are taking the following steps:

  1. Relaxing deadlines for monitoring reports
  2. Increasing mentoring and support for grantees and investees
  3. Establishing payment holidays for social enterprises supported with loans
  4. Increasing cash flow support loans to social enterprises
  5. Planning to introduce rolling deadlines for some place-based Funds for those delivering any projects that address immediate community needs in light of the Coronavirus
  6. Working with other funders to pool resources
  7. Working with local community organisations and umbrella groups to gather information about local needs and how best to support these
  8. Establishing a Community Resilience and Recovery Fund
  9. Giving our staff paid time to work flexibly so that they can care for loved ones and also volunteer and support activity in their local community dealing with needs arising from the Coronavirus
  10. Asking you how we can best support your community

Please do get in touch, as normal, if you have questions.


Acknowledge & Close

EDF Renewables Corriemoillie

Education and Training Fund


EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Education & Training Fund is a charitable fund that will benefit people living in the community council areas of ContinGarve and DistrictLochbroomMarybank, Scatwell and Strathconon; and Strathpeffer (the Area of Benefit). The Fund, which totals £48,450 per year (index-linked), will support local people with education and training or apprenticeship opportunities and contribute to creating job opportunities in the local area.


The Fund will provide:

  • Bursaries to support individual’s costs of attending training, education courses or apprenticeships (for example travel and subsistence, study materials, course fees not already being paid for from elsewhere, or accommodation costs);
  • Support for businesses through the funding of mentoring packages, staff training and the employment of apprentices (where such activities, or funding towards such activities, is not provided from statutory sources);
  • Support for an organisation’s activities that enable individuals to develop their career aspirations and journey, where this adds value to statutory efforts. This includes access to learning resources that support the development of career aspirations, learning and development that increases employability, and activities that inspire and motivate individuals by developing links with prospective employers (but not traditional careers fairs).


The Fund will continue for the operating lifetime of the EDF-ER Corriemoillie wind farm, which is likely to be 25 years.


Activity will be supported in the following sectors:

  • Renewables & energy industry related;
  • Engineering, construction and related trades, health & safety, and STEMD (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Digital);
  • Other industries which will benefit job retention in the area, including tourism, forestry and timber technologies, rural development, agriculture (including crofting), environmental conservation, estates management, aquaculture / fisheries management, equestrian, other land based industries, food & drink, health and social care, creative industries, life sciences, finance and business services, haulage, education and other sectors benefiting the local community;
  • Other education courses that enhance employability and the success of micro (1-10 employees) and small (11-50 employees) sized businesses, including ability to set up and grow your own business.




You can apply for a bursary if you are:

  • Taking an education or training course to improve /gain new skills linked to employability (including re-training for a new role or retaining your current role), or thinking about applying for one;
  • Living within the area of benefit;
  • Requiring some financial support to help you attend and /or study.


You will need to provide evidence of the education/training arrangement such as an offer letter before payment of an award is made. However, you may apply on the basis of a conditional offer.


Support for Businesses


The Fund will support activities which enhance the skills of owners and managers to run, sustain and grow their business and improve the skills of employees to deliver the business’ activities (including but not limited to training courses and apprenticeships).


Applicants must be:

  • A private or third sector employer;
  • Micro (under 10 employees) or small (10-50 employees);
  • Not able to access funds towards the proposed activity from other sources or finance it from the business itself.
  • Operating in the priority sectors described above;
  • Trading for at least two years;


Activities which can be funded include:

  • Mentoring projects up to £4,000 which will improve the skills, confidence and capabilities of those involved in managing the business
  • Employee training costs up to £1,500 leading to vocational qualifications for employees in the Fund area of benefit
  • Apprenticeship costs up to £3,000 towards wages for the time they are studying and an element of wages for the time they are at work


Developing Career Aspirations and Journeys


The Fund will support organisations providing access to learning and development that increases employability, and activities that provide insight and inspiration for individuals into what working in a specific sector entails (including but not limited to developing links with prospective employers). This might include visits from employers to schools and other groups (e.g. at community venues) or from individuals / groups to an employer’s place of work or a specialist training centre.

Examples include school visits to ‘Newton Rooms’, STEM Ambassadors talks, ‘day in the working life of’ experiences, and school-based skills projects which do not attract statutory funding and which involve employers in providing learning experiences.


Applicants may be schools, third sector organisations or micro and small businesses.


Grants up to £3,000 may cover costs of delivering initiatives, participants’ travel & subsistence, materials and equipment.  Costs of staff released to take part in initiatives may be considered for support.

Making A Difference

The Education & Training Fund has been established to support a range of education and training activity that will lead to the following outcomes:

  • More individuals resident within the Area of Benefit are equipped with the range of skills and confidence required to enter into and retain employment in the key sectors the Fund supports;
  • Micro / small businesses are able to create new job opportunities or retain existing jobs that may benefit individuals resident in the Area of Benefit;
  • Micro / small businesses that employ individuals from the Area of Benefit have the necessary skills and confidence to grow and sustain their operations in order to secure their long-term future.


The application deadlines for this Fund and the dates on which the Panel will make decisions are:


Application Deadline       

Panel Meeting Date     

Year 5 Round 1

Monday 11 January 2021

Wednesday 11  March 2021

Year 5 Round 2

Monday 28 June 2021

Wednesday 25 August 2021


If you wish to make an application for help with the costs of a course which has been arranged at short notice and your application could not have been lodged in time for the previous application deadline, please get in touch with Foundation Scotland at or 0131 524 0300 as we may still be able to deal with your application.


How to Apply

Please read the FAQ before completing the application form

Support For Business
Please read the FAQ before completing the application form

Developing Career Aspirations and Journeys
Please read the FAQ before completing the application form


Latest Grants

Create Inspire Projects CIC                         

  • To fund ten mentoring sessions in film-making and sound recording in order to develop practical workshop content to engage young people in these skills; to fund computer equipment and software required for the mentoring and future workshop delivery.                         
  • Amount Awarded: £2,050.00

Ullapool High School                     

  • To contribute towards the Enviro Link Project, which will provide 36 S3 pupils with work experience in the conservation sector, link them with employers, and inspire career choices in nature conservation. 
  • Amount Awarded: £2,000.00

Strathpeffer Spa Golf Club                          

  • To fund manual handling and first aid training for four members of golf club staff.                           
  • Amount Awarded: £1,464.00
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