Harthill, Eastfield

and Greenrigg Fund


This charitable fund is provided by FIM Services Limited, the owner of the Torrance Wind Farm and Harthill Wind Ltd the owner of the Torrance Extension Wind Farm. The Fund benefits the communities of Harthill, Eastfield and Greenrigg.

The Fund was opened in 2014. An annual amount of not less than £42000, rising in line with inflation, will be paid into the Fund for the operating life of the wind farm.

Directors of the Harthill, Eastfield and Greenrigg (HEG) Community Group decide how grants are awarded from the Fund. Groups and organisations working to benefit people in the communities of Harthill, Eastfiled and Greenrigg. Your group must have a constitution (a governing document or set of rules) and be set up on a not-for-profit basis. It does not need to be a registered charity to apply.

Should you have any queries or need help with completing the form please contact the HEG group: hegcommunity@hotmail.com

Making A Difference

The HEG Community Fund provides grants to support charitable activities that;

  • improve peoples’ quality of life

  • promotes community spirit

  • increases opportunities for people to participate in community activity


The fund is currently closed


How to Apply


|If your group wants to find out more please contact the HEG group secretary on 01501 752097






Latest Grants

Harthill, Eastfield and Greenrigg Children's Gala Day

  • To contribute to the cost of the opening ceremony, including band hire, disco, entertainment, megaphone and bunting.
  • Amount awarded: £1,500

Eastfield and Harthill Flute Orchestra

  • To create a disabled access entrance to the hall.
  • Amount awarded: £3,000

All Grants

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