How to publicise your award

So, you’ve received a funding award from Foundation Scotland, but what next? You know how you’re going to spend the money, but how can you tell people in your community about all of your hard work, and success securing funding?
We want to make sure that people know you’ve been supported by Foundation Scotland, but we also want you to let people know about your organisation or project and how they can get involved or benefit from what you do, so we’ve produced a media toolkit to give you some advice.

Acknowledging Foundation Scotland

Please use our logo on any materials you produce in connection with your project and on related publicity, including websites. In most cases, this will be a condition of your funding award. We understand that space can be tight and are therefore not fussy about precisely how big it is, just what is appropriate in the circumstances. Where possible, please use the colour logo.

You can download our logo.
Because we distribute funds from a wide range of donors and supporters, we often have additional requirements depending on the source of the funds that make up your award. For example, we may require you to display another logo to show where the funds have come from, such as the Comic Relief logo or a company’s brand.

We will have specified these requirements when we sent you our offer or payment. Please check these carefully. If in any doubt, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your named contact at the Foundation, or contact our Programmes Administrator on 0141 341 4960 or

We also like you to use these words if you can, especially if you are unable to use the logo for any reason:
‘Funded by Foundation Scotland.’

Please note that if we have told you that the money for your award comes from a particular fund here at the Foundation then please add its name:

‘Funded by Foundation Scotland from the [INSERT NAME] Fund’

Please send us copies of any relevant materials or publicity you’ve produced when you send in your next monitoring or final report.

Social media

Social media is a great way to get the word out throughout the lifetime of your project. For example you could let people know about the funding and when the project will launch, publicise upcoming events or share stories from some of the people you’ve supported. If you have photos you can include that’s even better.

Please tag Foundation Scotland  so we can also share the good news! Our social media accounts are:


Twitter: @FoundationScot


Acknowledging Constituent Funds

Women's Fund for Scotland

Download the Women's Fund for Scotland logo or use the following text :

Funded by the Women's Fund for Scotland a constituent fund of Foundation Scotland.  

Please send up copies of any relevant materials or publicity you've produced when you send in your next monitoring or final report.

Media tool kit

Download our tool kit to help you secure coverage for your project. The tool kit includes the following sections:

• Speak to your local paper
• Writing the perfect press release
• Arranging a photo call
• Important notes
• Acknowledging Foundation Scotland

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