Top tips to completing a funding application

There is no secret to completing grant applications, you just need to follow some simple steps.Desk 2906792 640

Read the guidelines

This might seem really obvious, but it’s amazing how many groups don’t.  Ensure you are familiar with the criteria, and understand what the funder is looking for.  Ensure that your organisation is eligible and that your planned activity fits with the criteria.  This basic time will save you time and wasted effort.

Use plain English

Avoid buzz words and jargon.  Use plain English as far as possible.  The clearer the application the easier it is for us to understand

Focus on your project.

We want to know about the project and not detailed history of your organisation.  So think about the following questions

  • Who will the project benefit?
  • Why it is needed?
  • How will it delivered?
  • How much will it cost?
  • When will the project start?
  • How long will the project last?

Don’t rush

Give yourself plenty of time to complete the application, ensuring you can gather all the relevant information you might need to provide.


To Do List 2

Check and re-check your application

Get someone you trust to proof your final draft.  Make sure you have answered all the questions and ensure you submit everything that has been requested.

Good luck!

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