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EDF Renewables Burnhead Moss Education & Training (BMET) Fund

Grant size Up to £3,390
West Lothian
Key dates  
Application deadline: Applications can be received at any time.

About this fund

The EDF Renewables Burnhead Moss Education & Training (BMET) Fund benefits those living in community council areas of Avonbridge & Standburn and Limerigg & Slamannan in Falkirk and also Blackridge West Lothian.  The fund is provided by EDF Renewables, the Burnhead Moss Wind Farm owners. 

In addition to funds supporting projects in each of the three Community Council areas (see Useful Links, below), a separate ‘Education & Training Fund’ has been set up to provide grants to individuals resident in any of the three areas, to take up vocational education and training opportunities.  This Education & Training Fund is known as the BMET Fund. 

At a minimum, an annual amount of £26,000, inflation-adjusted, will be paid into the BMET Fund each year for the operating life of the wind farm. 


Purpose of this fund

  • The BMET Fund provides grants to help local people with vocational education and training opportunities, using local training facilities and creating job opportunities in the local area.
  • The fund seeks to encourage lifelong learning, supporting residents of all ages to take up and progress through education and training courses, thereby increasing skills, qualifications and experience within the community.  It helps people to overcome financial barriers which might otherwise prevent them from starting, completing or participating fully in courses.   
  • For a limited trial period, the fund will also offer a grant towards the costs of one attempt at the DVLA Theory and Driving Tests (excludes individuals eligible for free bus passes).  

Please see 'additional criteria' below to see what levels of support are available.

Additional criteria

For individuals pursuing vocational education and training opportunities:

You can be taking part (or planning to take part) in any training course or studying any subject, but priority is given to courses in the following sectors:

  • Priority 1 Renewables & energy-related. 
  • Priority 2 Engineering, construction, health and safety, and other STEM-related.
  • Priority 3 Industries which will benefit local employment including childcare, forestry, plumbing, joinery, electrician, other trades related, haulage, agriculture.  Also, generic courses that enhance employability. 
  • Priority 4 Other education courses.

Your course may be long-term (one year or more) or shorter (1 day or even less, or taught over a period of weeks or months). The level of grant will depend on the course you want to do and other funding available to you. 

  • For short courses under a year, you can apply for part or all of the course fee, up to a maximum of £1,540.  The fund may also assist with the cost of travel, childcare and subsistence, based on £15.50 per day. The overall maximum award (combining fees and subsistence) is capped at £1,540, but awards are normally lower.
  • For courses of one year or longer, the fund can offer the following maximum awards for full-time students (see table).  Awards to part-time students will be calculated on a pro-rata full-time equivalent.  


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 

Modern Apprenticeship



£205 (day-release)

NC, HNC, HND, Degree



£925 (full-time)


up to £1,540

up to £925

Up to £925


For individuals attempting DVLA Theory and Driving Tests:

Once you have passed your Theory Test, you may apply for a grant of £100 towards the costs associated with Theory and Driving Tests.  You will need to provide a copy of your Provisional Licence (to demonstrate you are aged between 22 and 59 and not eligible for a Free bus pass - see 'Useful Links' below) and evidence of a future Driving Test booking date.  

Who can apply?

For individuals pursuing vocational education and training opportunities, you must be:

  • Aged 16 or over.
  • Resident in Avonbridge or Standburn, Limerigg or Slamannan, or Blackridge.
  • Applying for a further education or training course to develop your skills and employability.  The course can be at college, university or with a reputable training provider. Normally you should apply before your course starts, but if your course is for one year or longer you may apply if you have already started.   

Please note:

If you are still at school but attending a college course for some of the week, you can apply. However, you're only eligible to apply for costs not covered by your school, the college, the Council or other sources (see 'Useful Links' below).

If you're currently employed, we understand you may want to progress in your employment or explore new career options. Where reasonable, we ask you to consider asking your employer to contribute towards the course fee (up to 50%).


For individuals attempting DVLA Theory and Driving Tests, you must:

  • Be aged between 22 and 59.
  • Be resident in Avonbridge or Standburn, Limerigg or Slamannan, or Blackridge.
  • Have passed your Theory Test and have a future Driving Test date booked (you must apply at least two weeks before your driving test date, preferably sooner).

What can’t be funded?

Costs that are already covered by a school, college, the Council or other body - we expect University and college students to have explored funding available from Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS - see 'Useful Links' below).  

Grants towards costs associated with DVLA Theory and Driving Tests will only support one attempt - no additional grants for re-takes will be offered.  

How are decisions made?

Complete one of the online application forms below, and submit it with any supporting documentation required .  We will often get in touch to review your application before making a decision. 

If you are successful, Foundation Scotland will email you a Grant Offer, which you need to accept by email.  We also require you to submit a recent bank statement or pay-in-slip to verify your bank details. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What can I apply for?

    Your course may be an Apprenticeship/NC/HNC/HND or a shorter course taking place over a few days or weeks.  The most important thing is that you live in one of the above areas and really want to improve your skills and qualifications.

    Here are some examples: 

    Joe has had a few labouring jobs since leaving school but nothing long-term.  Now he’s seen an ad for agency driving jobs but needs a 1-week class-2 HGV licence.

    Jacqui has only had occasional casual work so far.  She’s been applying for bar jobs but feels she’d have more chance of an interview if she had the 1-day personal licence qualification.

    Dave’s being made redundant next month.  He’s heard of a warehouse job… all he needs is a 3-day fork-lift ticket.

    Margaret worked in admin before starting her family.  She needs to update her computer skills at evening classes to help her get back to work.  

    Shirley is keen to find work now her children are all at school.  She’s been accepted for the HND in Childhood Practice and hopes this will help her on a path towards becoming a Teaching Assistant.  

  • Can a local business apply?

    If you are a local business looking to provide local employment but need prospective employees to have had some specialist training then this Fund could also assist.  We’d be looking for the business to provide some meaningful work experience to the ‘trainee’ but it would be up to you and the trainee to work out their suitability for the longer term.  We are keen to trial this idea so if you are a local business and this is relevant to you please give us a call.  Local businesses cannot apply for funding under the trial DVLA Theory & Driving Test grant scheme.

  • I’m not sure what course I want to do – can you help?

    Yes!  An Outreach Worker called Judith can chat with you about your ideas and options, and help you apply to the Fund.  You can arrange to meet with her or go along to one of her local drop-in sessions.  Her contact details are at the bottom of this page, you can also see drop-in times on the fund's Facebook page

  • What can I use the money for?

    An award towards short-course fees must be used for that purpose and may be paid directly to the training provider. You can use awards for equipment or subsistence towards anything that will help you attend your further education or training course, such as: Travel; meals; childcare; study aids (e.g. laptop, software, stationery); technical aids (e.g. specialist clothing related to the course, tools, textbooks, other specialist equipment).

  • My family are able to support me. Can I still apply?

    Yes, the Fund does not apply a personal ‘means test’.  Grants are awarded to recognise the additional costs, geographic and other obstacles that people living in Avonbridge & Standburn, Limerigg & Slamannan or Blackridge face in accessing education, training, learning and employment opportunities.  

  • I receive other support. Can I still apply?

    Yes, but we do ask for details of other grants, bursaries, etc.  If we receive more applications than the Fund can support we may use this information to help us make the fairest decision.

  • Can I apply more than once?

    We would not normally expect to see multiple applications in the course of one year from the same applicant unless there are particular reasons for this.  Funds are limited and the intention is for as many people to benefit from it as possible.  Applications from repeat applicants will be assessed more closely on a case-by-case basis and would be expected to provide a strong rationale for further funding, for example, progression or because you are an individual exploring different career paths.  

    You may only apply once for support under the trial DVLA Theory & Driving Test grant scheme.  

How to apply

Applications are submitted online using one of the links below.  If you have any problems accessing the forms, please email and we will be pleased to help.

Applications can normally be received at any time except:

  • For courses lasting less than a year (which we call 'short courses):  applications must be received before the course starts. Please allow up to four weeks for your application to be processed before your course starts. If you need a decision more quickly, we will do our best to process your application immediately but cannot guarantee doing this.
  • For courses lasting one-year or more:  we can accept applications from students already on longer-term or multi-year courses, but we will not make grant payments for any period before the application was received.
  • For DVLA Theory & Driving Test grant requests:  applications must be received at least two weeks before the date of your Driving Test (and preferably sooner).

Contact information

Contact name

For information about applying, contact Judith, the local outreach officer

Contact name

You can also contact Foundation Scotland

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