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EDF Energy Renewables (EDF ER) Burnhead Moss Education & Training Fund is a new charitable fund that will benefit people living in the community council areas of Avonbridge & Standburn and Limerigg & Slamannan in Falkirk and also Blackridge, West Lothian.

The Fund, which totals £26,000 per year, will support local people with vocational education and training opportunities using local training facilities and contribute to creating job opportunities in the local area.

The Fund will be reviewed after a three-year trial period and should continue for the operating life time of the wind farm which is likely to be 20-25 years.

Doing a long-term course - or thinking about applying for one - and keen for some support? Apply now.

Doing a short-term course - or thinking about applying for one - and keen for some support? Apply now.


If you are over the age of 16 living in the area of benefit and doing a long-term or short-term further education or training course to develop your skills and employability you are eligible to apply.  You will need to provide evidence of the education/training arrangement such as an offer letter.

You can be studying any subject but priority is given to vocational courses as follows:

  • Priority 1: Renewables & energy related.

  • Priority 2: Engineering, construction, health and safety, other STEM related.

  • Priority 3: Industries which will benefit local employment including childcare, forestry, plumbing, joinery, electrician, other trades related, haulage, agriculture. Also generic courses that enhance employability.

  • Priority 4: Other education courses.

Making A Difference

The level of grant will depend on which course you are doing.

For long-term courses, we offer £5 per day subsistence plus a £600 equipment grant in Year1.  


Level of Grant


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Modern Apprenticeship



£200 (day-release)





For short-term courses,the level of grant will depend on which course you want to do and your own situation. We may cover part or all of the course fee along with £15 per day to help offset the cost of travel, childcare and subsistence.

The grant can be used for anything that will help you attend your further education or training course. So it could help towards some of the following costs:

  • Travel, e.g. bus, train or petrol;

  • Subsistence, meals, etc;

  • Childcare;

  • Study aids (e.g. laptop, software, stationery);

  • Technical aids (e.g. specialist clothing related to the course, tools, other specialist equipment)


This fund is currently closed and will re-open in February 2018.

How to Apply

The fund is currently closed.

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