MacDonald Trust


Decisions on giving to charity are often made at significant points in people's lives. This was certainly the case with the MacDonald Family.  Having sold the family business they wanted to set up a mechanism to support voluntary organisations and charities in the areas where their business was based. They set up a Fund with the Foundation  which awards both small grants and more significant multi-annual grants.


The funds main focus is on supporting the development of young people and providing them with the opportunities to reach their potential, however they will also consider applications that support health improvement and the support of the elderly.  

Making A Difference

Grants are made to voluntary organisations and charities working in Broxburn, Elgin, Islay and Tain


  • Individuals
  • Groups with fewer than 3 members on their management committee or board.
  • Groups whose grant request is for the advancement of religion or politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups)
  • The purchase of second hand vehicles 
  • The repayment of loans or payment of debts
  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before we have made a decision on an application (retrospective funding) 
  • Trips abroad 
  • Payments towards areas generally understood to be the responsibility of statutory authorities. 
  • Groups who will then distribute the funds as grants or bursaries 
  • General fundraising appeals or activities
  • Applications that are for the sole benefit to flora and fauna. Applicants are invited to demonstrate the direct benefit to the local community and/or service users in cases where the grant application is concerned with flora and fauna.
  •  Projects which do not benefit people in Scotland

How to Apply

Please send us an outline of your project by submitting an enquiry form.  Once reviewed, you may be invited to submit a full application on behalf of your project.

If you have any queries about the application process please call 0141 341 4960

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