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Education and Training Fund


The Middle Balbeggie Education and Training Fund provides up to £12,000 per year to support local people pursue education and training opportunties which will improve their employment prospects.

The fund will support those aged over 16 and living in Thornton who wish to develop skills, but may find the cost of attending prohibitive. 

The hope is that by committing community money in this manner. it will motivate and inspire people to aim higher and achieve more.


Making A Difference

If you are over the age of 16, living in Thornton and want to do a training course to develop your skills and employability then this may well help you!

If these examples are similar to your situation – then we’d encourage you to apply!

  • Joe has had a few labouring jobs since leaving school but nothing long-term. Now he’s seen an ad for agency driving jobs but needs a 1-week class-2 HGV licence.
  • Jacqui is excited to have been offered a place at university. But her course is in the central belt so it’s more sensible to move that way. She’s anxious about the costs involved but keen to get on and see beyond Fife!
  • Dave’s being made redundant next month. He’s heard of a warehouse job… all he needs is a 3-day fork-lift ticket.
  • Margaret had a job in admin before starting to raise her family. She needs to update her computer skills at evening class to help her get back to work.


The maximum award of £500 may be used to cover part or all of the course fee, along with the cost of travel, child care and subsistence.


High School pupils attending college courses.


This fund operates on a rolling basis

How to Apply

Please complete the application form and return.

For more information on the fund read the Fund Fact Sheet

If you require additional support to complete the application please contact us on 0131 524 0330

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