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Russell Logo1As a global employer it is important to Russell Investments to make a positive contribution to communities and countries where their business operates. Their aim is to improve financial security for people and this commitment extends to supporting local communities.

Through their partnership with Foundation Scotland, the Russell Investments Fund is keen to support charities and community groups in the areas that their staff live and work.


To support registered charities and constituted community projects with a focus on:

  • Financial literacy - for adults as well as children and young people;
  • Children & Young People;
  • Further Education – working with people (all age groups) on ‘soft skills’ / confidence building to help individuals move on into further education.

Making A Difference

  •  Groups based and operating in Edinburgh and within 30 miles of the city.


  • Individuals
  • Groups without a constitution and/or bank account;
  • Groups with fewer than 3 members on their management committee or board;
  • Organisations with an income of over £250,000;
  • Grant requests for less than 25% of the total project cost;
  • General fundraising appeals or activities;
  • Groups whose grant request is for the advancement of religion or politics (including requests to support the core activities of religious or political groups);
  • The purchase of second hand vehicles;
  • The repayment of loans or payment of debts;
  • Costs already incurred or activities which will take place before we have made a decision on an application (retrospective funding);
  • Trips abroad;
  • Payments towards areas generally understood to be the responsibility of statutory authorities;
  • Groups who will then distribute the funds as grants or bursaries;
  • Applications that are for the sole benefit to flora and fauna. Applicants are invited to demonstrate the direct benefit to the local community and/or service users in cases where the grant application is concerned with flora and fauna.
  • Projects which do not benefit people in Scotland.


This is a rolling programme through our express grants scheme.

How to Apply

Via our express grants programme

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