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S2012 Logo Main CMYK NT NewsSpirit of the Gorbals is part of Spirit of 2012’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games legacy programme Fourteen; instigated by Spirit’s investment in the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games and its legacy around the UK. 14 communities across the UK have been identified as Fourteen communities and have received a resource budget of up to £250,000 to invest in activity that local people themselves believe will make a difference to well-being and happiness within their community. Spirit of the Gorbals is the local name for the Fourteen programme in the Gorbals. The programme runs from January 2015 through to December 2017

A community Panel involving local residents oversees the distribution of the Spirit of the Gorbals resource budget informed by the ideas and aspirations of community groups and local people in the Gorbals. The Panel meets on a monthly basis. For more information on what Spirit of the Gorbals has been up to visit our Facebook page!

Spirit of the Gorbals also has a youth panel, named the Young Deciders, comprising of young people from the area aged between 11 - 19 years old. The group have a small grants programme for young people to apply to. The Young Deciders would welcome hearing from other young people in the Gorbals who might be interested in getting involved.

Spirit of the Gorbals is now closed to applications. 



Making A Difference

What underpins the Spirit of the Gorbals programme?

Spirit of the Gorbals encompasses the following ideas:

Passing the baton!
Spirit of the Gorbals has four main outcomes - or differences that it hopes to contribute to. These are:
• Improving individual well-being;
• Improving perceptions towards disability and impairment;
• Overcoming isolation;
• Connecting people within communities

Spirit of the Gorbals hopes to achieve this kind of impact through focusing on four priority areas:
• Social action and volunteering;
• Grass roots sport and physical activity;
• Cultural activity and arts;
• Youth development

So do make sure your project fits with one or more of these outcomes and one or more of the priorities.

Projects must demonstrate a direct benefit to the residents of the Gorbals. If your project benefits individuals from a variety of areas please quantify the proportion of beneficiaries from the Gorbals. 

Nurturing the ideas and aspirations of local people
Spirit of the Gorbals will support and promote local people to share and celebrate their skills, experience and knowledge and demonstrate their energy and commitment to lead change and development in their communities. It will do this by providing opportunities for people to share ideas, be heard and take action to make a difference to their community. 

Everyone is welcome!
By encouraging and building friendships, connections and collaboration, Spirit of the Gorbals wants to build links and partnerships between individuals and groups that will strengthen community spirit.
So think about how your project can be widened to include others either as volunteers or participants. Spirit of the Gorbals would really like to see if any of the work it supports can encourage greater participation in community activity by those with disabilities or increasing connection and understanding between different generations. 

The principal of matching
In addition to the Spirit of the Gorbals grant, the group provides as little or as much as it can afford (time, money, expertise) to help ensure the project is a really positive experience for everyone.



Spirit of the Gorbals can support a wide range of costs and activities including running costs for local groups, training, transport, volunteer staff or sessional worker costs/expenses, equipment hire and let costs. Spirit of the Gorbals cannot support capital costs or replace old equipment. Spirit of the Gorbals can only support the cost of new equipment where this ensures that more people can participate in the activity or project




How to Apply



Latest Grants

On Your Marks!

Family Addiction Support Services

  • To host an event in the Gorbals informing community members of various supports available to them if they have been affected by a loved one's drug or alcohol problem and helping the group to identify demand in the area for its services.
  • Amount awarded: £1,312

Laurieston Fifty Plus Group

  • To fund additional activities for the group, including a day trip, theatre trip, "fish supper social", chair aerobics, and alternative therapies.
  • Amount awarded: £1,615

Good Shepherd Group

  • To train five members of the community in counselling skills and achieve certification.
  • Amount awarded: £2,000

Bridging the Gap

  • To fund a creche associated with the group's monthly BIG Chat, International Women's Day evening, and Christmas party as well as hall hire, refreshments, and miscellaneous expenses for each event.
  • Amount awarded: £1,960

Oatlands Gate Allotment Association

  • To enable people with disabilities, particularly hearing impairments, to be more involved in activities at the allotments as well as help support general activity.
  • Amount awarded: £2,000


Get Set!

Sparcs SCIO

  • To fund hall hire, refreshments, and contribute to the cost of a day outing to Springfield Quay Cinema as part of the group's children's activity programme.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Crossroads Youth and Community Association

  • To contribute to travel, residential, and food costs associated with holding a summer programme of activities (5 residential trips and 6-10 day trips) over the school holidays.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

SEAL Community Health Project

  • To recruit and train 10 new volunteers to support various events and projects in the community, as well as run two new fruit barras in the Lauriston and Oatland areas.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Children 1st

  • To fund salary costs for a part time Community Engagement Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, and Team Leader; training materials; and management support.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000

Gorbals Youth Run Drop In Cafe

  • To hold a range of youth and community led events in June 2017 to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Gorbals Youth Cafe.
  • Amount awarded: £5,000
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