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Spirit of Calton is part of Spirit of 2012’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games legacy programme Fourteen; instigated by Spirit’s investment in the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games and its legacy around the UK. 14 communities across the UK have been identified as Fourteen communities that will each receive a resource budget of up to £250,000 over three years to invest in activity that local people themselves believe will make a difference to well-being and happiness within their community. Spirit of Calton is the local name for the Fourteen programme in the Calton. The programme will operate from January 2015 through to December 2017.

A Panel of local people has been established to oversee the distribution of the Spirit of Calton resource budget which will be informed by the ideas and aspiration of community groups and local people on the Calton. Over time this Panel may change so we will always need a pool of community members interested in volunteering for Spirit of Calton.These are the Spirit of Calton grants rounds that are currently open.

On Your Marks! is for constituted groups to apply for £250 - £2000 to run a project or activity that fits within the Spirit prioirty themes and benefits local people from the Calton. Please note that you must spend your grant and complete the project within 12 months.

Sparks! This is designed to release small amounts of funding into communities by supporting individuals or groups of local people and neighbours who want to run local projects for the benefit of other community members. Individuals can apply for a Spark Grant of up to £250. Informal groups can apply for a Spark Grant of up to £500. Constituted groups, organisations or businesses are not eligible for Sparks. Under 18s can also apply for a Spark Grant whether as an individual or as an informal group.

Spirit of Calton is now closed for applications. 

Spirit of Calton hosted a Showcase and Celebration event on Thursday 22nd March 2018, 6pm - 8pm at the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre!


Making A Difference

What underpins the Spirit of Calton programme?

Spirit of Calton encompasses the following ideas:

Passing the baton!
Spirit of Calton has four main outcomes - or differences that it hopes to contribute to. These are:
• Improving individual well-being;
• Improving perceptions towards disability and impairment;
• Overcoming isolation;
• Connecting people within communities

Spirit of Calton hopes to achieve this kind of impact through focusing on four priority areas:
• Social action and volunteering;
• Grass roots sport and physical activity;
• Cultural activity and arts;
• Youth development

So do make sure your project fits with one or more of these outcomes and one or more of the priorities. 


Projects must demonstrate a direct benefit to the residents of the Calton (beneficiary map available on request). If your project benefits individuals from a variety of areas please quantify the proportion of beneficiaries from the Calton. 

Nurturing the ideas and aspirations of local people
Spirit of Calton will support and promote local people to share and celebrate their skills, experience and knowledge and demonstrate their energy and commitment to lead change and development in their communities. It will do this by providing opportunities for people to share ideas, be heard and take action to make a difference to their community. 

Everyone is welcome!

By encouraging and building friendships, connections and collaboration, Spirit of Calton wants to build links and partnerships between individuals and groups that will strengthen community spirit.

So think about how your project can be widened to include others either as volunteers or participants. Spirit of Calton would really like to see if any of the work it supports can encourage greater participation in community activity by those with disabilities or increasing connection and understanding between different generations. 

The principal of matching
In addition to the Spirit of Calton grant, the group provides as little or as much as it can afford (time, money, expertise) to help ensure the project is a really positive experience for everyone.


Making A Difference

Spirit of Calton are hosted a Showcase and Celebration event on Thursday 22nd March at 6pm at the Calton Heritage and Learning Centre! PLease come along to hear from previously funded projects, place a vote for the very last remaining funds and to also share some food with us! 

The Celebration and Awards booklet that was made for the Showcase can be found here - Spirit of Calton 


All grants programmes for Spirit of Calton are now closed. 


Latest Grants

On Your Marks!

Soul Food Sisters

  • To fund a facilitator and marketing assistant's wages, equipment, running costs, and marketing for the group's "Melting Pot" series of cookery classes.
  • Amount awarded: £1,700

Piano Project CIC

  • To fund sessional staff fees, room rental, and piano transport and maintenance costs associated with the group's "Piano on Prescription" project.
  • Amount awarded: £2,000

Calton Community Association

  • To run a 5-week programme of festive activities, including card making and tree decorations, for local children and young people.
  • Amount awarded: £2,000


Get Set!

Calton Heritage and Learning Centre

  • To fund the group's "Calton Green Volunteers" project from October 2017 - April 2018, in which a qualified gardener and volunteers work to restore residents' gardens to a safe and usable condition.
  • Amount awarded: £6,500

New Fossils Grandparents Support Group

  • To fund a group trip to Butlins, Skegness.
  • Amount awarded £10,000

All Grants

Click here to see a list of all our grants

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