Tannach and District Wind Farm Charitable Trust


The Tannach & District Wind Farm Charitable Trust, formed in partnership between Tannach & District Community Council and Foundation Scotland, has been set up to allow various funds coming into the community from different companies or other donors to be managed in a more efficient and effective way.

Residents living in the Tannach & District Community Council area were invited to put themselves forward to serve on new Panel which makes decisions on how the funds are distributed.

The new Trust and Panel replace the Tannach & District Community Fund arrangement where the Community Council currently acted as the Panel.

The E.ON Camster Community Fund also covers this community council area and is administered by Foundation Scotland.

Information on awards made from the previous Tannach & District Community Fund can be found in the Year 1 and Year 2 annual reports under Fund News




The fund operates two funding rounds and two deadlines per year:



30 June


31 December


There is currently £27,400 available to distribute.

How to Apply

Small Grants: £250 - £10,000

Please read the guidelines prior to completing the online application form or download the application form

For more information please read the Fund Fact Sheet.


Standard Grants: £10,000 - £25,000

Please read the guidelines prior to downloading the application form.

 If you have any questions please contact Eilidh Gunn on 07801 530 218 or eilidh@foundationscotland.org.uk

If you require any assistance to complete an application form please contact Caithness Voluntary Group on 01955 603 453 or visit www.cvg.org.uk.

Applicants often ask Foundation Scotland’s advice about information required for accounts and financial information. View further guidance and useful information.




Latest Grants

Science 03

  • To fcontribute to the cost of science shows and workshops as part of the 2018 Caithness Internationa Science Fetival.
  • Amount awarded: £1,000

RBLS Wick Canisbay and Latheron Branch

  • To contribute to the cost of attending th ANZAC Parade in Australia in April 2018.
  • Amount awarded: £1,000

RBLS Wick Canisbay and Latheron Branch

  • To contribute to the cost of a marquee.
  • Amount awarded: £4,151.59

Friends of the John o'Groats Trail

  • To install displays and infrastructure including walkways, gates and bridges along the John o'Groats Trail.
  • Amount awarded: £6,794.70

Bilbster and Thuster Hall Committee

  • To replace and upgrade the hall's windows.
  • Amount awarded: £3,900


All Grants

Click here to see a list of all our grants

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