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The Blackridge Community Fund is a charitable fund to benefit those living in the Blackridge community council area.The fund is supported by annual payments from three different wind farms -  the Torrance Wind Farm, owned by FS Wind Ltd, Torrance Extension Wind Farm, owned by Harthill Wind Ltd and Burnhead Moss Wind Farm that is owned by EDF Renewables 

Groups and organisations working to benefit people in the area can apply to the Foundation for grants from the Fund. Foundation Scotland receives and processes grant applications but recommendations are made by a Community Panel made up of local residents from Blackridge. 

The Fund will also will support local people with vocational education and training opportunities using local training facilities and contribute to creating job opportunities in the local area.

As is consistent across all our work on community benefit funds, Foundation Scotland had no role in the planning and building of any wind farms and nor does Foundation Scotland have any responsilbity in its day to day operations.


Making A Difference

Some headline figures about the Fund (to May 2017):


Total annual income


Total disbursement to date from Blackridge Fund to local groups


Awards made


Average grant award


Lowest value award 


Largest award 

6 (+2)

Number of Burnhead Education & Training grants to date (+2 means 2 in process)


Value of Burnhead Education & Training Fund shared with Limerigg & Slamannan and Avonbridge & Standburn


Panel members


Total income 

The Fund supports community groups and charities working in the Blackridge area that provide activities or services which promote community spirit and bring people together, enhance quality of life and promote people’s well-being and foster a vibrant, sustainable community.  

It will also support local people with vocational education and training opportunities using local training facilities and contribute to creating job opportunities in the local area.

Grants to groups are usually between £250 - £4000 but applications for more than £4000 will be considered. Please contact Foundation Scotland for a discussion about your project if you are considering applying for more than £4000. Do not complete a standard application form in the first instance.

The Fund also recognises that some community activity is organised by groups that are more informal without formal governance arrangements in place. Such groups ca sometimes be supported depending on circumstances and are encouraged to complete a standard application form.


The fund is currently closed and will re-open in 2019



How to Apply




Latest Grants

Monday Club

  • To fund an outing to a Christmas pantomime, including tickets, bus hire and meal.
  • Amount awarded: £426

Blackridge Primary School Parent Council

  • To purchase materials for a food education programme which will enable nursery and school children to grow, harvest, use and recycle their own produce.
  • Amount awarded: £4,000


  • To create an outdoor kitchen and activity area with a clay bread and pizza oven and fire pit.
  • Amount awarded: £4,000

Blackridge Social Activities and Entertainment Group

  • To fund the annual bonfire and fireworks display in November 2018.
  • Amount awarded: £2,500

Steps Dance School Parents Committee

  • To contribute to bus hire and accommodation to enable students to attend the S Nations UDO Competition in Wales in November 2018.
  • Amount awarded: £4,000

All Grants

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