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The developer of the Camster Windfarm, E.ON, is providing a Fund for the residents in the Community Council areas of:

• Latheron, Lybster and Clyth;
• Watten; and
• Tannach and District.

E.ON will contribute at least £150,000 per annum for 25 years or the lifetime of the wind farm (Year 1 of the Fund began September 2013). This amount is split equally between the three Community Council areas benefiting from the Fund.

The Fund is managed by Foundation Scotland but decisions on awards are made by a local Panel of 12 people comprising of four representatives from each of the three Community Council areas. Each four is made up of one Community Councillor and three members appointed from the wider community.

A detailed profile of the communities within the area served by the Fund has been prepared by Foundation Scotland, in partnership with Caithness Voluntary Groups and Latheron, Lybster & Clyth Community Development Company. The Profile provides information on: the social, economic and environmental status of the area; the key opportunities and challenges faced by local communities, and; the priorities and views of local residents, businesses and groups. Information from the Profile has informed the development of the Fund Priorities.

Download a copy of the community profile here.


The Panel

There are currently two vacancies on the Panel with one volunteer being saught from the Tannach and Distrcit Community Council area and one being saught from the Latheron, Lybster and Clyth Community Council area. If you are interested in this and are over 16 years of age please fill in your details at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/camster or email eilidh@foundationscotland.gov.uk for further informaiton.  

Making A Difference

The Panel has set the following outcomes (the differences that the Fund will seek to bring about for people and groups within the area of benefit) which will guide funding decisions to ensure the Fund delivers lasting improvements for the communities:

1. There are more and better opportunities to take part in sports and recreational pursuits
2. Access to and through settlements is safer
3. People of all ages enjoy more, better and varied activities and services
4. Community life is enhanced and maintained through a wide range of activities, events and improved amenity of settlements
5. Economic activity is encouraged within the Fund area
6. People have more vocational skills and experience
7. The natural and cultural heritage is more valued, experienced and understood by both visitors and residents
8. Energy use in homes and community buildings is more sustainable
9. Tourism opportunities are promoted and created in the Fund area

The following case studies provides examples of how the fund is making a difference to the community:

North Lands Glass

Tannach and District Microgrants

Watten Improvements Group

Bilbster and Thuster Village Hall

Latheronwheel and Latheron Improvement Group


There are two rounds of grant-making per Fund year with the following deadlines:

For small grants of £250 - £10,000
31 March and 30 September
For main grants of £10,001 - £25,000
31 March and 30 September
For large grants over £25,000
31 March and 30 September 

Applicants should be aware, if a funding round has been oversubscribed, there may be limited funds to distribute.  In this case, it may be necessary to defer payment of the award.



The Camster Microgrant makes £2,500 available from the Camster Fund, through the Community Council. Microgrants are designed to release small amounts of funding into communities by supporting individuals or small groups of local people and neighbours who want to run local projects that benefit other community members.

Each area operates in a slightly different way. To apply please contact the Latheron, Lybster & Clyth Community Council, the Tannach and District Community Council or the Watten Community Council, depending on where you live.

How to Apply

For small grants £250-£10,000 read the guidelines prior to applying online or downloading the application form.
For standard grants £10,001-£25,000 read the guidelines prior to  applying online  or downloading the application form.
For large grants of over £25,000 please call or e-mail Eilidh Gunn (07801 530 218 / eilidh@foundationscotland.org.uk) to discuss before submitting a standard application form.

For more information download the Fund Factsheet

If you require any assistance to complete an application form please contact Caithness Voluntary Group on 01955 603 453 or visit www.cvg.org.uk.


Latest Grants

Lybster Outdoor Bowling Club

  • To contribute to the purchase of green maintenance equipment.
  • Amount Awarded: £4,700

Lybster Community Improvement Fundraising Group

  • To purchase and install equipment in the playpark.
  • Amount Awarded: £25,000

Friends of Newton Hill Woodland

  • To purchase quarry stone, which will enable the construction of a walled garden.
  • Amount Awarded: £720

Dunbeath Preservation Trust

  • To provide paid work experience for a local young person who will set up the Museum's social media presence and website, helping the group to connect to a younger audience in Caithness.
  • Amount Awarded: £2,760

Caithness Kayak Club

  • To purchase boats, paddles and spraydecks for the group's younger members and adults with special needs.
  • Amount Awarded: £2,817.05

Assynt Mountain Rescue

  • To contribute to the purchase and outfitting of a new 4x4 MRT-capable ambulance to be based in Thurso.
  • Amount Awarded: £6,000

RBLS Wick, Canisbay and Latheron Branch

  • To purchase marquees and associated marketing banners, to be used by the annual Mey Highland and Cultural Games and other local groups during the year.
  • Amount Awarded: £12,300

Caithness Voluntary Group

  • To contribute to salary costs for a full-time coordinator to support the Befriending Caithness programme.
  • Amount Awarded: £19,200

Watten Improvements Group

  • To fund the annual Hogmanay party over the next three years, including band, hall hire and decorations.
  • Amount Awarded: £1,110

Watten School Parent Council

  • To contribute to the travel costs of the P7 trip to Dalguise Activity Centre, Perthshire.
  • Amount Awarded: £1,000

Watten Pre-School Playgroup

  • To purchase decorations and hire a bouncy castle for the group's annual Christmas party.
  • Amount Awarded: £255

All Grants

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